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Your home spa prescribed facial


This ultimate collection; Buy WINDOWS OF THE SOUL eye treatment, EXALT firming neck gel, REPOSE aromatherapy resting cream, any serum of your choice, either TONING ESSENCE, EYES WIDE OPEN or GO EASY and choose a FREE cleanser, mask and moisturiser.



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It's All About Me Collection is exactly what the title suggests, all about YOU. The Ultimate Collection of Temple Spa goodness.

  • All skin types
  • Men & women
  • Anyone looking for a personalised skincare collection
  • Anyone looking to improve the appearance of their skin

Start your skincare ritual with a really good cleanse using your chosen cleanser. Apply the cleanser all over the face and neck and massage upwards, using circular movements to eliminate all traces of make-up and impurities. Remove using a cotton wool pad or a damp cloth.

Apply your chosen mask to your face, steering clear of the eye area. Relax and leave the mask on the skin for the recommended time.

Remove and follow with TONING ESSENCE, by spritzing onto a cotton wool pad and wiping gently over the face.

Next, pump a couple of drops of your chosen serum onto a clean fingertip, dot onto forehead, cheeks and under the chin. Using upward and outward movements, massage into the skin to allow the ingredients to really penetrate the dermal layer.

Follow with WINDOWS OF THE SOUL by pumping one drop onto a clean ring finger, pat gently around the eye area, being careful not to drag the skin.

Apply EXALT by massaging in to the neck using upward and outward motions.

Finally, follow with your chosen Temple Spa MOISTURISER or REPOSE moisturiser. 

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