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Hand Wash & Body Balm Duo


Hand Wash & Body Balm Duo

For clean and beautifully fragrant hands

PEACE BE STILL is an award winning soothing, lightweight body moisturiser that’s super kind and very gentle on your skin, with calming essential oils and aromatherapy ingredients to help you relax. whilst ALL IN HAND is a super kind and gentle hand wash for wonderfully soft, clean and fragrant hands.

 hydration for body, hands & face | Helps settle sensitive or irritated skin | Leaves skin silky to the touch | Helps to soothe, cool, and calm skin after sun exposure | Calming aromatherapy fragrance | Non-greasy | Rapidly absorbs into the skin
 cleanses | revitalises | softens hands


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VALUE £67 | PAY £25 | SAVE £42

This sophisticated all-over balm deeply moisturises and softens, leaving your skin feeling oh so silky to touch. With extracts of coriander, lemon and nutmeg, antioxidants and a fusion of relaxing essential oils and vitamin B5, PEACE BE STILL is aromatherapy and skincare in one.

An altogether deliciously textured formula that sinks into the skin immediately, leaving it feeling ultra-smooth and beautifully settled. Calming to skin, body and soul!

Give you and your hair a GOOD HAIR DAY! This shampoo does more than just clean your hair. Packed with nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, glycerin and vitamin B5 to condition and help resist split ends and damage, a 'good hair day' is exactly what you will have. Your hair will have added volume and be shiny, healthy and full of life.

  • All skin types
  • Men & women
  • Those looking for deeply moisturised, silky-smooth skin
  • Anyone who loves beautiful bathroom and washroom products
  • Those seeking exquisitely soft hands
  • Anyone who needs a bit of revitalisation
  • Apply ALL IN HAND to wet hands

  • Lather up

  • Rinse away with clean water

  • Slather on ALL IS WELL Hydrating Hand lotion to moisturise skin and layer the fragranc

ALL IN HAND can also be drizzled into a warm bath for some aromatic bubbles, or used as hand and foot soak before a manicure or pedicure.

  • Massage PEACE BE STILL over your hands and body in long sweeping upward strokes.
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