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skincare spa healthA DREAM FULFILLED


We get a lot of enquiries from people wanting to know if they can join us or have their own business with Temple Spa.  Well, the answer is ‘yes’, and we would be excited to talk to you too.

We’ve noticed that most people find themselves on this page because they desire to:

  • See their potential realized 
  • Earn more money 
  • Work for themselves 
  • Be passionate and love their job 
  • Have a job that fits their lifestyle, e.g. their family 
  • Return to work after an absence (e.g. starting a family), but don’t want to go back to the daily grind. 
  • Join a skincare and spa product company

Temple Spa could very well be the answer to those dreams!



Temple Spa is found in many places all over the world – from tiny boutique hotels in Europe, to cruise ships that cross the globe, to prestigious stores in central London and in beautiful location spas.  But because we know not everyone can visit these places, we have purposely make Temple Spa products available through this website, plus we’ve made the Temple  Spa experience available in homes and offices across the United Kingdom.

The Temple Spa  EXPERIENCE goes way beyond the products. It’s a lifestyle. It’s about taking time out every day to ‘spa’ – time for ‘you’, whether that be to revive, restore, energise, centre, relax or focus€¦ or simply care for your skin and your body. 

We are constantly training and equipping people all over the country to teach others how to live a spa-lifestyle every day and the basics of how to care for your skin. Thus our TEMPLE SPA CLASS concept has become a viable small business for self-employed people.



Those who are interested in conducting Temple Spa classes get to enjoy the benefits of being self employed, and of being linked to a pool of expertise and resource within the company.

We have consultants who work anywhere from 6 hours a week to well over full time, as they build their business into a long term career for themselves.



The great thing bout our industry is that we find that our products prosper in any economic climate.  People do much better when they take time out to care for themselves on a regular basis, and so our products become not just a necessity of daily life and daily grooming, but they provide a bit of affordable luxury.

That’s good news,  especially if thinking about starting your own business with Temple Spa!

In addition, whilst we might all dream of regularly visiting a spa and having lovely facials and massages, we might not find it convenient or it might not fit the budget. Hence, training people how to conduct their own facial at a Skin Therapy Class  is one of those lifetime skills that they will remember and use for life.



Those with their own Temple Spa business have a distinct personality which makes them successful. They are warm, passionate, people-people with energy, enthusiasm and a great love of skincare products. Being self-employed, they are able to  fit their role around work and families, with flexible hours and the potential to earn fabulous money. They desire a balanced life!

If you would like to know more, click here and we will be in contact  with you to send you more information.



You will be fully trained and equipped to bring skin care and spa classes to venues (mostly homes and offices) all around your local area, with top tips and professional spa  advice.  We will also support and train  you in the day-to-day tasks of setting up and running your own business – so  even the most novice of business people can be confident.


skincare spa healthJUST THE JOB

As well as our small business opportunities, we are  always on the lookout for exceptional individuals to join the Temple Spa Team  or be recommended to one of our many clients.
If you possess the Temple Spa factor and would love to  work in a spa environment or would like to be considered for future employment  opportunities, then we want to hear from you. Please email us with your contact details including name, address, postcode and contact telephone number. You can  also attach your current CV to the email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Click  here to send us your details.