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Bath & Shower

Treat body, skin and soul with our selection of bath and shower products.

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Bath & Shower

Daily wash routines need not be a chore, but a wonderful opportunity to give you a bit of spa-time. Are you a bath person? We’ve got bath oils that turn plain ol’ bathwater into a milky smooth, relaxing spa-bath. Or are you more of a shower person? Our range of pick-me-up gels and cleansing bars will cleanse and add moisture back into skin, and their aromatherapy blends will have you singing in the shower. 

We’ve also got dry shower gels, for those times where you feel like a shower but have neither the time nor the facilities to do so; plus grooming essentials like shaving gels, hand wash and hand moisturisers. All are infused with our signature aromatherapy spa-fragrances, to help treat you body, skin and soul.