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Magic knickers in a bottle with Iso-slim complex, pink grapefruit, green tea & ginger

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A wooden, deep tissue massager. for super smooth skin, that works well with GO FIGURE

What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite is a dimpled/lumpy appearance in your skin and there are many myths out there about what cellulite actually is, what causes it and who gets it. To clear one myth at a time, the appearance of cellulite occurs in areas of the skin with underlying fat deposits. This does not mean that you are fat as even the smallest of women can suffer from cellulite. Beneath your skin is a layer of fibrous connective tissue that is meant to attach your skin to the muscle beneath it; but in women this fibrous tissue runs vertically which causes these bands to tie themselves to your underlying tissue which in various areas can cause discrete fat chambers.

This does not mean (like some of the myths suggest) that these parts of your body contain the most fat. But as you age these bands of tissue stiffen and contract, pulling down on the skin whilst increasing fat stores push outward in these areas causing the appearance of cellulite.

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Cellulite Treatment

There is no cellulite cure so do not be fooled that you can rid of it completely, contrary to what you would like to believe. A healthy diet and exercise regime can definitely help you but what is rather bothersome about cellulite is that your hormones can contribute to how badly you suffer from it and it is also known to be hereditary.

So how can you reduce cellulite? Go Figure is your new best friend as it not only tightens your skin reducing the appearance of cellulite it also energises your skin with guarana, ginseng and ginger, stimulating collagen production for firmness. You can indulge in your own luxury spa treatment at home smoothing and toning your bum, tum and thighs with Go Figure’s not so secret ingredient, ISO Slim Complex which performs multi-targeted slimming activity. That’s a secret worth sharing! Apply morning and night with rigorous, circular motions with hands or opt for our No Pain No Gain Body Massager.

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