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"a cult hero rejuvenation product for the skin."
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 one of the highest scoring 'miracle' products Beauty Bible has ever trialled."

"The holy grail of beauty is now at your fingertips."


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Purchase SKIN TRUFFLE as part of the Anti-Ageing Collection and receive a TONER, CLEANSER and MASK for £89!

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AWARD WINNING Skin Truffle Total Face Rejuvenation  


A truly stupendous score: the highest we’ve ever had for an all-round, all-singing-and-dancing miracle cream, in 17 years of Beauty Bible testing.  (Not that Sarah’s surprised:  she’s long been a Skin Truffle-ette.)  Diamond powder, gold and silk clearly do illuminate the skin from first application, testers report;  other key ingredients include black truffles, grapeseed champagne, purifying strawberries and lush cocoa butter, in a cashmere-soft formulation. Jo Fairley & Sarah Stacey

Happiness in a jar. Five years in the making by a creme de la creme team of skincare specialists in the field of derma-science in Switzerland, this unique patented formula utilises the very latest in nano and peptide technology along with a fusion of natural actives. Expect seriously impressive results.

In tests, 80% declared increased radiance and reduced dullness upon immediate application. 100% said fine lines were visibly reduced and 100% said their skin hydration levels improved immediately.

  • Instant radiance, lustre and clarity
  • Long term anti-ageing
  • Revives tired, dull skin
  • Regulates moisture levels
  • Protects from age spots and hyper-pigmentation

HappyBelle-PE: Breakthrough phyto-endorphin complex, Mimics the endorphin effect on the complexion, Gives the 'I've just had good news' glow

Syn-Col: Pro-collagen peptide aids collagen production, Deeply penetrating and anti-wrinkle

Black Truffles: Brightens skin tone, Natural antixodant, Firms and smoothes

Cocoa Butter: Softens and lubricates the skin

Grape Seed Champagne: Natural antioxidant, Fights free radicals, Skin regenerator

Strawberry Extract: Rich in nutrients, Natural beauty food, Tone, purifies, freshens

Gold & Silk Actives: Free radicals protect against skin stress, Moisturising and antibacterial

Diamond Powder: Illuminates the skin, Gives an instant glow

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Exactly what I expected and more. My skin became really dry and dull so I gave this a go and ever since I started using this cream I'm glowing, literally!! Couldn't be happier...

Exactly what I expected and more. My skin became really dry and dull so I gave this a go and ever since I started using this cream I'm glowing, literally!! Couldn't be happier...

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BEST CREAM EVER! Lindsey, facebook

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Skin Truffle is my perfect age reversing treatment. Julie, facebook

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I'm a huge fan of Temple Spa now for 3 years. My skin has never been better. Love my night truffle and Skin Truffle. Vickie, facebook

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Love this moisturiser - I've been waiting to try it for a while and have not been disappointed! Have previously used expensive equivalents and I have no hesitation in recommending this product if you can afford it it's well worth the money and as good if not better than more expensive brands.fabx Barbara, U.K.

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The best cream ever and not only for your face! Prickly rash on arms and legs and nothing was soothing, in a fit, I covered myself in skin, an instant soothing, this really is my go to cream....even on the husbands ears after they got sunburnt. Lisa, London

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It's an ultimate beauty must have! Luxury and diamonds in a jar!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Amy, web

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Skin Truffle has to be the best on earth!!! No wonder it's a favourite with all the celebs. Lesley, worthign

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My skin has never been better than it is now! I'm so thankful for finding Temple Spa a year ago and now feel confident without makeup!! Katie, wor

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Can't live without it! Sandra, wor

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A beautiful product and the only thing that soothes my sensitive skin. Jill, wor

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My favourite Temple Spa product is Skin Truffle, it's so indulgent it makes me & my skin feel so special Lisa, wor

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I love Skin Truffle. Just makes me feel special every day. Jane, wor

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No other product like it....IT'S HEAVENLY! Lisa, wor

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The moment I open the jar the fragrance instantly lightens my mood! The magical radiance it immediately provides my skin with is sensational, no matter how dull and tired looking it was to start with! The cashmere feel lasts all day! Jo, test

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I love Skin Truffle, it makes my skin feel & look glowing, fresher & younger and the smell is just divine. It's gorgeous! Debbie, test

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Skin Truffle is the most decadent, luxurious and wonderful moisturiser that leaves your skin soft, youthful, clear.... And just ... Well pampered. Laura, test

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Skin Truffle is AMAZING and the results are instant! Holly, test

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Skin Truffle is the most gorgeous moisturiser on earth and makes me feel like royalty everytime I use it! Sarah, FB

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Loving the Skin Truffle! - has transformed my skin to another level and just about to repeat purchase! Linda, Torquay

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AMAZING moisturiser. My skin glows whenever I use this. Charlotte, Surrey

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I can't express how much I love Skin Truffle! I have never had the confidence to go make up free to work until I tried this... It gives instant radiance and nourishment and I have had countless compliments on how great my skin looks by colleagues and by friends/family. MUST BUY!

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This is Amazing. Don't be put off by the price, it is so worth the money. I've been using this along with TRUFFLE NOIR for one week and my skin looks brand new. My lines are dramatically reduce, skin is plump and my skin looks and feel beautiful!!

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It is expensive, and I was initially very sceptical. Well, I am a convert! It feels beautiful on my skin and my skin has transformed! My skin tone is more even, feels softer & more moisturised and hydrated without being oily and shiny. I often now go without foundation! One thing: NO SPF!!

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This is expensive BUT it is so worth it! I read about it in Beauty Bible and thought okay I'll try it but I bet its no better than others I have tried. Wrong! It is fabulous my skin is much more moisturized, softer and dare I say it has a lovely bloom to it (not greasy) but a kind of radiance.

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HappyBelle-PE, SYN-COL, Black Truffles, Cocoa butter, Grape seed champagne, Gold & silk actives, Diamond powder, Strawberry extract

  • A daytime boost - for when you need to look your best
  • An overnight cream for when you need recovery
  • A luxury restorative boosting treatment for a special occasion, or for when you feel like spoiling yourself
  • Amazing results however you choose to use it

Suits all skin types

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