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So rich, but oh so good. From the moment you feel the texture of DOUBLE CREAM you know it's going to really make a difference. So incredibly rich and creamy - all that is missing is the slice of chocolate cake!  Deeply moisturising, its modern formula sinks quickly into your skin, leaving it rehydrated, glowing and full of vitality. This luxurious anti-ageing moisturiser is salvation to seriously dry & parched and dehydrated skin. 

Skin feels smooth, soft and hydrated all day
Goes to work immediately
Anti-ageing benefits
Nourishing Mediterranean botanicals
Professional, high-performance formula

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This lovely cream was gifted to me and I have been using it every day and night - it is absolutely fabulous! Would highly recommend!

This lovely cream was gifted to me and I have been using it every day and night - it is absolutely fabulous! Would highly recommend!

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I have been using Double Cream for a Year now as I had really dry skin. All I have to say is that it is FANTASTIC.My skin is no longer dry. It feels really smooth and silky now. Would recommend to anyone worth every penny. Julie

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I LOVE Double Cream!! I've extremely sensitive skin & excema on my face and now I am addicted to this. Marie, test

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Hi Thought i would let you know that i have been using uour products for sensitive skin and love it. And now i am over excited about your dry skin double cream, i tried it at the last party i was at and was amazed, i suffer with rosacea, at the begining of the night my face was its usual reddness made worse with a glass of wine, then by the end of the night after trying the double cream i realised my face was feeling calmer, the other girls said the redness had calmed down a lot, i have fallen in love with this product as it has really calmed down my rosacea and i truly reccommend anyone who suffers with this to try it and see how they get on. Thank you for making this. X Colleen Hutchison Uploaded by Temple Spa from FB

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Before using this cream, I had never managed to keep my eczema under control and constantly had dry patches all over my face. But Double Cream manages to make my face silky soft without being greasy. AMAZING! I cannot recommend this cream enough if you have dry skin.

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Key Ingredients:

Horse Chestnut, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, OIive Oil, Sunflower oil, Vitamin A, Grapeseed oil, Red Pepper, Avocado oil, blackberry and apple juices

This product is so rich that you only need to use a small amount on to a clean fingertip. After cleansing with IN THE BEGINNING cleansing balm and TONING ESSENCE, dot DOUBLE CREAM around your face and neck and massage in using circular movements. For an extra deep moisturise, apply a thick layer over your face and leave overnight - you will awaken in the morning with beautiful silky, soft skin.

  • Day and evening moisturiser
  • Under makeup
  • As a home spa treatment, if left on thickly overnight for extra deep moisturising
  • Seriously dry, thirsty or dull skin
  • Men
  • Women
  • Preventing the drying effects of long flights
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