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A gel and a cream in one. Is it a gel or is it a cream? Actually it's both! This really clever formula used dry works like a lotion that can be wiped off, or if splashed with water it can lather up and become a wash. Great for when you feel like washing off the daily grime, or for when you need a good lotion-cleanse to get rid of deeply embedded makeup or impurities. Either way it is perfect for a combination skin that needs balance, as it leaves the whole face clean and smooth without being taut.

  • Balances skin that has oily and dry/normal patches
  • Unique telepathic formula cleans, hydrates and absorbs oil in all the right spots. It knows just what your skin needs.
  • Anti-ageing benefits
  • Sophisticated dual use formula. Use neat as a wipe-off lotion, or lather up with water
  • Paraben free
  • Leaves skin feeling clean and fresh
  • Advanced airless pump bottle - hygienic and no waste
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Dual Act cleanser has been amazing since the first time I used it many years ago and I love it still. Julie, test

Dual Act cleanser has been amazing since the first time I used it many years ago and I love it still. Julie, test

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I love this cleanser! It smells absolutely beautiful and feels like silk on the skin. It actually removes face and eye makeup if used with water and cotton wool. I have combination skin and feel this product really suits me. lucy, South Yorkshire

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This cleanser makes your skin feel squeeky clean without living the skin taught afterwards. The smell is gorgeous and you don't need to use a lot to get a great result! I have been using twice daily as recommended for 3 months and I still have plenty to go... Worth the investment!

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This cleanser feels lovely on your skin and doesn't leave your skin feeling really tight and dry like a lot of other combination skin products do. I use one pump and apply to dry skin and its amazing, your skin feels so fresh and alive afterwards. An Amazing Product.

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I only use one pump of this fabulous cleanser, as I found a little goes a long way. Dual Act Cleanser has a lovely refreshing fragrance, and it is gentle on my skin. My face and neck feel totally clean after using this product.

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Key Ingredients List:

Soya, Vitamin E, OIive Oil, Oregano, Tomato, Vitamin A, Apricot Kernel Oil, Grapefruit, Grapeseed oil, St John's Wort, Royal Jelly extract, Wild Yam

After washing your hands, use a couple of pumps and apply this to the face and neck, massaging in circular movements upwards and outwards. Remove using cotton wool pad or a damp cloth. Alternatively, splash the face with some water and using the same amount, work into a light lather. Rinse until water is clean. Follow with TONING ESSENCE and MOISTURE TO GO.

  • Daily cleansing, morning and evening
  • Professional spa treatment
  • Combination skin that needs balance
  • Men
  • Women
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