Try our range of natural sleep remedies that will help you drift off into a deep slumber. From room and body sprays with calming essentials oils for sleep, to relaxing aromatherapy candles
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Sleep Deprivation

What Causes Sleep Deprivation?

We all know what causes sleep deprivation, but the issue is, how to overcome it! Stress, poor diet, & living in a fast paced world where we expect a lot of our bodies & brains without paying them the respect they need to properly function, takes its toll. When we need sleep, we find we can’t sleep, & a self-perpetuating cycle is set up.

It can be difficult to identify stress as you may feel fine within yourself however, stress does not necessarily mean that you are consciously worrying about things. Lack of sleep can affect your appetite, cause dark circles under eyes, puffy skin & age the appearance of your skin causing you to look a little less radiant. So while you are working on getting into a healthy sleep routine look at our anti-ageing skin care products to make sure your skin looks its very best.

Sleep Deprivation Remedies

The key to resolving sleep deprivation is relaxation. At TEMPLESPA all of our products are tailored to care for your well-being, calming both your skin and your soul. Our Repose night cream is luxuriously designed with the intent to relax your body & mind. 

Infused with relaxing Mediterranean botanicals, oils, antioxidants & hops (a natural sleep aid), Repose helps you to rest peacefully whilst your skin absorbs all of its riches. This is aromatherapy that you can pamper yourself with in no time at all, which is just one of our many products from our Vesper range, a bespoke collection to help you unwind and create some ‘you’ time.

For those mornings where you have endured an awful night’s sleep we can also offer the Power Breakfast facial scrub & mask to help revive your skin, uplifting it providing a bright & healthy complexion as opposed to being drained from exhaustion. It also gives your body the energy it needs to fulfil your day as normal & feel better in yourself.

Breath deep, relax, sleep well & rejuvenate! All our spa products are available online, as we totally believe you should spa wherever you are. Plus we love questions, so if you can’t find what you need in our skin care tips section, then please do contact us.