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Body Truffle

Total Body Rejuvenation with rose quartz, cashmere & truffles

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Hydrating moisturiser for seriously dry and thirsty skin

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Comfort for skin, body & soul, with omega oils, guarana, fig, and relaxing oil blend

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Rejuvenating face mask for dry or dull skin, with olive, avocado, red pepper, echinacea & vitamins

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Prepare to bare with olive, fig, pomegranate, relaxing essential oils & vitamin E

How can I treat my dry skin?

Dry skin is caused by many factors, from simple lifestyle choices to medical conditions. Hot showers or baths, doubled with the use of regular soap, can remove the skin’s natural oils. Skin conditions are another common cause; eczema and psoriasis often require moisturiser for dry skin. Not maintaining proper nutrition may also cause dryness in some cases.

However, many people have dry skin due to dehydration, which must not be confused with having actual dry skin - which is a skin-type that actually doesn’t produce much natural oil. All of us should also be drinking our 1-2 litres of water a day to keep our skin, and indeed our whole body, functioning well. Dry skin types need all the help they can get and here are a few products which adore restoring your skin to its soft, dewy state.

Dry Skin Products

A good moisturiser for dry skin is one of the musts for dryness. Most people with dry skin find that their skin laps up the hydration, only to have to reapply it soon after! Our DOUBLE CREAM for dry skin is an intensive skin nourishment moisturiser and not only hydrates skin, leaving it feeling smooth and soft, but keeps it that way all day. Its richly moisturising ingredients include olive, Echinacea, avocado oil and vitamins.

Making sure you skin is well protected against the drying effect the sun can have is also very important. Replenishing your body and therefore, your skin with water can be futile if the sun is drying you out. Our SPF day moisturisers are perfect for combating this problem. They’ll allow your skin to reap the benefits of the vitamin D but protect you from the harmful, drying element. We consider that a win, win situation!

For dry skin on the body, the absolute best treatment is our DUVET firming body cream. Its luxurious, advanced formula is rich in omega oils, fig and vitamin E. It is anti-ageing and restores suppleness to the body, plus has firming benefits as well. Its partner is SUGAR BUFF which is a moisturising body exfoliant that actually treats dry skin by sloughing off the dead skin cells, invigorating circulation and ensuring the natural goodness is delivered deep into the skin.