A Red Carpet Week

The Academy Awards never fail to impress. Red carpet. Tears. Accolades. Plus haute couture fashion at it’s finest.

This week, Temple Spa throws out its own red carpet for the launch of three new designer products – 2 serums and a skin oil. 

serum is a professional ‘problem solver’ for the skin. They are formulated with fine, gel-like textures that penetrate skin at its deepest possible level and contain a cocktail of specific, concentrated ingredients telling the skin to BE FIRM, BE STRONG or BE CLEAR. Think of a task force of ‘Skin Psychologists’ - a kind of specialist support to help sort out your skin troubles.

Which serum is for you?
If you’re feeling sensitive or stressed you’ll love BE STRONG. It’s our super-juice for the skin. A vitamin rich formula that will soothe, de-sensitize and restore strength.

If you feel the scaffolding in your skin is collapsing and you could do with an architect to help re-build some of the wrinkles and sagging bits, then BE FIRM is for you. It accelerates cell renewal and boosts collagen production. A non-surgical savior.

If your complexion has lost its vigour, suffers from hyper-pigmentation, age spots or scars then BE CLEAR is a great tonic to help correct and brighten the skin.


We’ve also introduced a highly nutritious skin treatment that is fully loaded with luscious repairing, restoring and anti-inflammatory ingredients. It’s the ultimate super-fine oil for when you want your skin to breathe or go naked. Treats scars, stretch marks, sensitivity, or gives your skin a good healthy treat. Wear it over your chosen serum, on its own, to boost your moisturiser, or as a beautiful body oil.

And I am excited to announced that they have just been released on TEMPLESPA.COM