Beauty Bible Award Ceremony

On Tuesday night, the “Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible Awards” were held in a glittering cocktail ceremony in London’s West End. 

Jo Fairley and Sarah Stacey, in collaboration with High50, hosted the event and guests included the who’s-who of the skincare, beauty and cosmetic industries plus all the top media journalists. A total of 50 different brands were represented.

Liz and Mark Warom were honored guests, and the giving of the award for SKIN TRUFFLE was the finale of the ceremony. Considered the ‘Rolls Royce’ of awards, Jo Fairley and Sarah Stacey lavished their praise of not only 
SKIN TRUFFLE, but of Mark and Liz Warom, owners, CEO & Managing Director of Temple Spa. ‘A most amazing product’ and Temple Spa is the ‘best-kept secret that’s about to go public’.

Mark and Liz Warom found the whole experience ‘Humbling. Exciting. We feel all grown up!’ they smiled. They also received the loudest applause and cheer of the night.  Sue Peart, Editor of You Magazine, touted Temple Spa as the brand to watch, and its owners ‘people to know’.

Released at the time of the awards is the new ANTI-AGEING BEAUTY BIBLE, which indeed has become the industry Bible.

At the after-ceremony dinner, celebrity chef and Master Chef Judge, Alexis Gauthier, presented the Waroms with his latest book.