Long gone are the days of sleepovers at your friends’ houses with home made face masks made from all sorts of weird and wacky ingredients or £1 face packs that you had to rip off your skin. I remember looking into the bathroom mirror trying to get this ‘watermelon peel-off mask’ off… it felt like I was waxing my face off! Plus, we all know the amount of super-nutritious watermelon in the product was next to none. Actually, let’s be real and just say zero.

Yes, we had fun but times have changed, and for the better!

We want to make sure you are fully equipped to be a masking professional, so read below for our 8 top-tips from our spa experts.

#1 Make sure you do a skin analysis after cleansing

We often get to the end of the day and our skin feels a little oily and grimy, but this doesn’t always mean you need to reach for the clay-infused detoxing skincare mask; your skin could in fact be crying out for hydration underneath the daily dirt.

The best advice we can give you is to perform a thorough skin analysis. In every TEMPLESPA facial the therapist will perform a double cleanse and then evaluate the skin’s needs; we recommend you do the same. Your skin needs to be squeaky clean before performing a skin analysis so reach for IN THE BEGINNING and get massaging away. Follow with a hot cloth and repeat.

Next, study your skin hard in a mirror. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Analyse your skins needs and decide whether it does need detoxing, hydration, calming or a radiance boost. Then choose the best face mask for your skins needs.

DRY? Thirsty? Dull? Lacking radiance? Dehydrated?
We recommend QUENCH, our best face mask for hydration and dry skin.

OILY? Congested? Suffering from spots & blemishes? Blocked pores? Acne? Hormonal skin?
We recommend PURIFICATION, our best face mask for acne and oily skin.

COMBINATION? Dull? Suffering from both dry and oily skin? Congestion?
We recommend THE POWER BREAKFAST, our best face mask for blackheads, skin lacking glow and combination skin types.

SENSITIVE? Stressed? Inflamed?
We recommend BECALM, our best face mask for redness and sensitive skin.

LACKING GLOW? Need an instant fix? Boost of radiance?
We recommend THE CONTOURIST, our best sheet mask for dull skin in need of a glow.

#2 A little goes a long way!

Less is often more; applying a thick layer won’t mean your skin will benefit any more. In fact, using too much of any product can lead to irritation. Apply just enough to cover the face fully, always avoiding the delicate eye area.

#3 Multi-task… mask whilst you sleep!

Busy life? Haven’t got time to leave a face mask on for 20 minutes let alone to perform a skin analysis? Don’t worry, be the multi-tasking queen (or king) and use an overnight face mask! You’re a type A to-do list-er and we admire that! Tick off ‘self-care’ on your list by applying QUENCH, our best face mask for dry skin, on before bed, and simply wash off in the morning. Hello gorgeously radiant skin!
Got a spot? Pat PURIFICATION detoxing mask on the area before bed and wake up to a clear & calm complexion.

#4 Don’t leave it on too long

It’s easy to pop a mask on and let time get away from you but leaving a mask on for too long can often cause more harm then good. It also won’t ensure the mask works ‘harder’ either. Always following the packaging ‘how to use’ recommendations to get the most out of your mask.

#5 Use them regularly

As with all TEMPLESPA products, use them regularly and the results will astound you! Consistency is key with face masks and regular use can help to put an end to pesty skin conditions.

#6 Make sure you are multi-masking

After completing your skin analysis, you may find that your skin has multiple needs. Feed them all and give multi-masking a try. Apply different masks to different areas of your face depending on your skins needs. For more information on multi-masking, read our how-to guide blog here: WHAT IS MULTI-MASKING?

#7 Or, if you have more time, try layering

No, we don’t mean putting one mask on top of another; the ingredients might not be compatible and it will have no additional benefit to your skin. Layering simply means applying one mask, letting it work its magic, remove it and then use another. This is great if you have plenty of time or are partaking in a #sundayspaday

#8 Have a killer finishing routine

After masking, the products you apply to your skin are left on, so it is SO important to make sure you apply exactly what your skin needs. We recommend you apply a targeted facial serum, eye cream and finally moisturiser.