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How to Firm Your Neck

10th May 2018

Advice on How to Firm Your Neck to Stop Turkey Neck / Tech Neck

If you ask a woman which part of her body she is least happy with you can bet your bottom dollar that very high up on her list will be her neck, probably behind wrinkles and dark circles, perhaps spots and a few other things below the neck line too.

Terms like turkey neck, wobbly jowls, sagging bits that hang and move like jelly, crêpey skin and necklace lines (yes that’s what they are called), and now thanks to technology we have a new term; tech neck. All of our everyday ways of describing the bits under our chins that give our age away and makes us a little wistful of the smooth plumpness of youth. The good news is help is at hand.

Age shows up in certain places first, the hands, eyes, neck and chest. These areas are more delicate and the skin thinner than other parts of the body. Think about it this way too, they are constantly visible and on show throughout our lives which means they are always under attack from the sun, free radicals and the environment and so guaranteed to show signs of wear and tear first.

In addition, two things determine how our skin will age. One, the genes handed to us from our parents and two, the environment we live in. The latter you can do something about by protecting yourself and using targeted products with a bit of clever application and exercise.

Our natural ageing process means that things slow down; collagen production and maintenance is one of them and the major contributor to our skin losing that wonderful elastic bounce and spring of youth. Collagen is a protein that’s responsible for skin structure and scaffolding and so when it depletes skin begins to sag and drop. In our necks this results in that wobbly bit just under the chin appearing.

Where the neck is concerned, overtime we loose muscle tone and collagen production slows down which together adds up to more sagging and more wobble as skin literally becomes unsupported.

Using a targeted neck gel or cream that helps to keep the skin supple and  moisturised plus targeting collagen production will make a difference. Combine with exercises that work on muscle fitness and your neck has a fighting chance of staying youthful for longer. Yes please!

Oh and another thing, start early! Future fit your neck because if its not a problem for you today it will be in the future – don’t let turkey- tech neck creep up on you. Prevention is far better than cure.

3 Steps to Get Rid of Turkey Neck

Here’s how to get rid of turkey neck and tech neck in 3 steps … that’s all it takes.

Step 1: Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Take a look at how you’re sitting. Rounded shoulders? Slumped and starring down at your smart phone or lap top? This is doing nothing but training your neck muscles to loosen up. Sit tall and straight and check yourself to hold your head high. This will educate your muscles and teach skin to remain taut.

Try ditching one of your pillows while you sleep at night too so your head is at right angles to your neck and your chin is  high rather than pressing on your neck and squashing up and wrinkling-up your skin. Muscles have memory and so will train themselves to stay a certain way and 8 hours of training is a lot.

Step 2: TLC

  1. EXALT

    50 ml

    Neck Firming Cream Gel

    A nip & tuck in a jar!


Tender, loving care. Love your neck gently and carefully and it will pay you back. The delicate skin structure of the neck means it’s thinner and contains fewer oil glands than other parts of the body so it gets dry and parched more easily and that’s when the crêpey texture creeps up.

Prep and cleanse your neck as you would your face and treat it well.  Lather with our Gold Award Winning EXALT Firming Neck Cream Gel; it’s the perfect post cleanse choice to keep your neck and décolletage deeply hydrated and well cared for. Aptly named too as the meaning of exalt is to lift high. Use our unique “kitten” application technique to ensure EXALT is applied to and reaches all the right areas; its an easy technique that mirrors the action also of a therapist standing behind you. And the backs of your hands also gets a treat.

The Mediterranean cocktail of Olive, wheatgerm and grapeseed oil, plus red pepper and wild yam extracts together work hard to help reduce the appearance of fine necklace lines and wrinkles, improve skin smoothness and increase moisture levels throughout the day and night, help firm & tighten skin and scaffold-up the skin preventing sagging.

The beautiful gel-cream texture is like cashmere and glides on skin to settle quickly into an invisible film leaving you to dress or sleep comfortably knowing your neck is in very safe hands. The subtle rose aroma is comforting and feel good too.

Step 3: Get Physical


    1 piece with bag

    Neck, Jaw and Face Firming Massager

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Regular use of THE ELEVATOR Jaw, Neck and Face Massager will not only help sculpt and lift your neck, jawline and cheek area but it will improve the overall health of your skin. A rather odd looking wishbone massager with rubbery, soft nodules that work like a therapist’s knuckles, kneading and manipulating your skin as they gently roll and stipple over. This action of regular massage stimulates skin to help increase facial muscle tone and tighten slack skin. In addition their action encourages lymphatic drainage by moving toxins out of your skin cells so that beneficial and vital nutrients plus oxygen can move it, now that’s sound good doesn’t it?

You can use THE ELEVATOR Neck Jaw and Face Massager over EXALT Firming Neck Gel anytime – great for when your watching TV. A 15 minute session a day is a great neck-saving habit to get in to.

Another top tip is to always sit back when sitting and with your back straight. Practise  slowly leaning your head back until you’re looking at the ceiling. Make a pout with your lips and a long kiss to the ceiling and hold the pose for a few seconds. Repeat 20 times. This will help muscles stretch and strengthen and keep the tight and your neck in tip top condition.

Now go and hold your head high! Shop EXALT and THE ELEVATOR now.