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Is Retinol Good For Your Skin

19th April 2018

Q: What is Retinol?

A: Retinol is simply Vitamin A and sometimes it is also referred to as Retinoid. For many years Retinol has been prescribed by dermatologists to treat a huge variety of skin problems from acne scarring, large open pores, sun damage, all signs of ageing including feathery and deep laughter lines. Also uneven texture and pigmentation and so it’s a bit of a super hero in our skincare world. It can turn the skin around dramatically in a short space of time. However there is a price to pay for this. At high levels retinol can irritate and redden the skin so at TEMPLE SPA we feel the need to be very careful of the percentage used.

Usually Retinol products prescribed by your doctor contain higher percentages meaning they can be very, very active and therefore increase the risk of skin irritation.

Historically Retinol is very unstable which means that it needs to be kept and packaged very carefully to keep it fresh and free from oxidation which would make it less effective. Think of it like an apple; with its skin on the inner remains white and juicy and high in Vitamin A; but once cut and exposed to air it turns brown and this is because of Vitamin A exposure to oxygen. Retinol can do the same. But the good news is technology today has advanced and we can encapsulate Retinol to keep it fresh and targeted in use too so a double bonus.

Q: What does retinol do?

A: Retinol been proven to boost collagen production and prevent its breakdown resulting in a reduction of wrinkles and prevention of fine lines.

Its works to speed up cell turnover so fresher more youthful skin cells make it to the top more quickly.

Retinol also unclogs pores which makes it particularly great for acne and scarred skin too. And for a dull skin it helps drive a dewy and more fresh faced radiant glow.

It also helps improve the condition of rough and dry skin, improving the look and feel of the skin so you can see why its called a super-power. And that’s also why we chose it as one of the many intelligent and highly results driven ingredients in TRUFFLELIXIR super luxe serum.

Q: How does Retinol work?

A: The Retinol in TRUFFLELIXIR is encapsulated which means it’s housed in a smart carrier system to protect its powers and improve its ability to penetrate the skin and the bonus is this also allows a controlled release over a prolonged period of time also.

Once delivered to the lipid layer of the skin and where it’s needed most it sets to work over time.

When retinol is applied it’s absorbed and then naturally broken down into retinoic acid (don’t worry its just the scientific name) This can then impact cell activity, cell structure and the cell renewal process and is why is can do so many different things to benefit the skin.

One thing to remember with Retinol is that if its used on the skin at high percentages during the day a sunscreen should be used over the top to protect the skin from being photosensitised and over exposed. But honestly if you care about the preservation of your skin and keeping it looking great do your skin a favour and wear a sunscreen everyday – any dermatologist will tell you that the best form of anti-ageing is protecting the skin and warding off free radicals with an SPF.



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