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The Benefits of Glycolic Peels and How to Use THE BIG REVEAL Glycolic Peel

10th August 2018

How to Use Glycolic Peels and the Benefits of a Glycolic Peel

How and Why Glycolic Acid Works

We all want the benefits that you get from treating your skin but how many of us never seem to find the time to apply a face mask even during your favourite programme. The good news is great skin is just 1 minute away, this the perfect solution for those who feel they barely have time to sleep, for those times when receive a last minute invitation and for those of us who are just a little lazy when it comes to our skin.

The Big Reveal is a glycolic resurfacing peel that offers a liquid facial in a flash. It uses the spa professional technique of ‘gommage’ which involves working the product into skin using circular motions so that it rolls and threads until it rubs away the dead, dull skin cells to reveal unbelievably smooth and bright skin in under a minute!

The professional strength formula includes glycolic acid an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) that exfoliates skin leaving a more even toned, smoother and brighter complexion. Pomegranate extract improves the texture of skin and promotes firmer, softer skin while red clover extract offers a rich source of antioxidants which possess anti-ageing benefits and help to maintain smooth, radiant and youthful looking skin.

The best news of all is its currently on offer, so save £10 now and reveal a radiant new look!

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Save £10 on THE BIG REVEAL now


    50 ml

    Glycolic Face Peel

    Oh my gommage!