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Toner Tips

3rd March 2017

There appears to be some mystery surrounding toners and after doing a quick poll the general consensus was while people felt that they should be using a toner they were unsure about their actual function and benefit. We’re here to clear up the confusion and we want to help you design the best regime for your skincare meaning each step of your routine should have a considered role and benefit for you. So far we looked at cleansers and serums but what should come in between?

What are toners?

Most toners are water-based liquids that contain active ingredients such as essential oils, plant extracts and acids that are designed to suit a variety of skin types.

Why use a toner?

If this is your reaction to toners you are not alone, they are a step that many people choose to skip but hear us out before you go straight to applying your serum. Toners can help to facilitate and add value to the rest of your routine. The main functions of toners are to rebalance the pH level of skin (which is often disrupted by cleansing), hydrate, calm, soothe, exfoliate and aid the penetration of subsequent products in your routine.

What should I look for in a toner?

Toners are multitasking products that can address numerous skin issues; those with dry skin should look for hyaluronic acid and glycerin and those who want to soothe and calm skin should opt for toner with aloe vera, eucalyptus or chamomile. Acid toners are great to keep skin exfoliated and fresh without having to use a grainy formula, look for glycolic acid, lactic acid or amino fruit acids. Regardless of the formula you opt for, the toner should leave skin fresh and prepped for the next stage of your routine.

Toning Essence has a light and refreshing texture with ginger which improves circulation; tomato which is an antioxidant and gently exfoliates, moisturises and reduces sebum oil; lemon which purifies, aids cell renewal and sloughs away dead skin cells and melon which softens and smoothes skin.


Toners should be applied to skin while it is still moist as damp skin aids the absorption of products. Apply a couple of sprays onto a cotton wool pad and wipe over your face. Follow with your serum of choice, again, while the skin is still moist.

Toners can also be used post mask to refine and tone skin or in the summer a toner can help to freshen and balance skin.

Final Word

A good skin care routine doesn’t need to be time consuming or complicated but it should contain products that are right for you and that work hard for your skin. Toners can be seen as the dressing on a salad; they can enhance the rest of your routine and improve your complexion. They help to rebalance, refine, refresh, hydrate, smooth, soothe, calm and exfoliate skin.


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