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If becoming a consultant is not for you – why not gather a few friends and get your fav products for free. We call it a class others call it a pamper party. Either way getting your friends together for a great night in for a spa evening is great fun, entertaining, educational plus earns you as the host Temple Spa products for free.

For an hour or two, a class is the ultimate way to enjoy some fab spa-time. The idea is that one of our lovely qualified Lifestyle Consultants comes to your home or workplace and turns your space into a pop-up spa boutique.

We have all sorts of classes, everyone joins in, gets a personal consultation and a facial. and it’s the perfect opportunity to ‘try before you buy’. Just invite a few friends, open a bottle or put the kettle on and one of our consultants will do the rest.

And there’s more in it for you too, you’ll also enjoy:  

An exclusive gorgeous gift

A bespoke facial following a skin analysis and consultation

You and your guests can shop from the comfort of your own

Special product offers and exclusive collections only available at a class

Products delivered directly to your guests - their home or workplace

Top wellness tips and tricks on how to take better care of you and your body.