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At TEMPLESPA we believe wellness is important at every stage of your day and very importantly your working day. Taking a moment to ensure all you and your teams are doing, how they’re sitting and even breathing contributes to being well. But that’s not always possible when you’re mega busy and trying to get through your workload.

We developed our Wellness in The Workplace sessions to promote our own staff health and it proved so successful we now offer it through our SPATO GO consultant network. It’s a great thing to do to show care and concern and more and more organisations are introducing such initiatives as part employment.


We can bring a 30-minute (or longer if that suits) workshop for min 8 people. It’s a chance to gather round a table and learn relaxation, posture, breathing and stress busting techniques. A boost during the working day to clear the head and press reset on productivity.

If you’d like to find out more get in touch.