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We do use plastic as does virtually the whole of the skincare industry. The big issue is our ability to recycle it properly after use in the most responsible way. And as a country we’ve not been very good at it. For the last 20 years in the UK we have shipped our plastic waste to overseas countries – leaving them to recycle it on our behalf. This means that our ability to recycle our own plastic in the UK is behind the times and needs to catch up.

You’ll often read “refer to your local council” and this is because some counties are better than others and can sort and recycle more effectively than others. The good news is “everyone” is working on improvements so together we can make a big difference.

Reducing plastic and ensuring that the plastic we do use is from a recycled source, or that can it can be recycled. This is paramount for our development teams and has our total focus; with an internal project team tasked to constantly improve our environmental position. 


All of our tubes are currently made from recyclable plastic.

We are redeveloping our tubes, bottles and jars to contain 30% Post Consumer Recycled plastic. PCR plastics are the recycled materials from existing plastics bottle, tubes and jars . These are recycled and added to virgin plastic thus lessening the use of plastic overall.

We are adding logos and codes to all product and packaging so its clear what to do with them after use. These are the little codes that tell you if it can be recycled or not – basically the material is identified by a number in a triangle. The common misconception is if its got a triangle it can be recycled. But that’s not the case – get the low down here.

We are adding packaging information to all of our product pages. This will tell you the material of the box, the tube, jar, cap, pump and if its currently recyclable, or not and what to do with it.

Everyone at TEMPLESPA is totally committed to our continuous environmental improvement plans. We love our planet, our plants, landscapes, our wildlife and our people and we fully recognise the need to keep all protected and treated with respect.