For When You Want To Go Naked

Imagine a professional, restorative facial treatment you can do at home that not only gives your skin some peace and calm, but also wonderfully feeds and restores those irritating skin issues like stretch marks and scars as well.  A product that you can wear during those times you let your skin ‘go naked’.

IT’S ALL GOOD is a super-nourishing, ultra light, nutritious oil for sensitive skins, scaring and stretch marks. You use it as facial-massage oil, plus on the body over areas of stretch marks and scarring.

  • For those of you who love your facts, here’s a little bit about some of the gorgeous ingredients:
  • Defencil® normalizes sensitive skin, provides a skin barrier and has anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Collageneer® increases skin firmness and elasticity whilst reducing stretch marks by stimulating collagen synthesis.
  • Peach kernel oil is a gorgeous ingredient that provides natural antioxidant and anti-ageing benefits. It also rejuvenates dry and sensitive skin and is beautifully rich in vitamins A & E.
  • Coconut oil – a softening, protecting oil that helps defend the skin from UV damage and environmental pollutants.
  • Watermelon seed oil – light and easily absorbed, nourishing and restorative, plus it restores skin elasticity.
  • Vitamolive – Reduces skin damage caused by the environment and UV rays, regenerative and restorative.

Convinced enough to give it a try? We can give you all science in the world, tell you that its been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, is free from synthetic colours, fragrance, parabens and all those other nasties - but once you feel how exquisite it is on the skin we think you’ll become quite addicted to it! Just like we are! Now just how do you enjoy ITS ALL GOOD? click on below!