In room amenities are little touches of luxury care and elements of surprise. They deliver this simple message from you to the guest, “ We care about your wellbeing while you are here and we want you to enjoy every element of your stay with us, even while you’re in the shower. ”
Our Temple Spa amenities are our spa-strength formulas that deliver an amazing in-room spa experience. With feel-good aromas woven with skin caring benefits all serve up a little bit of luxury away from home.




Hospitality is everything and our bathroom & washroom products ensure that whoever visits leaves with super clean and super soft hands. 

Each formula is infused with a little aromatic of the Mediterranean and feels like a 1 minute vacation for the senses.  




Put the 'wow' into the guest experience and serve up something unexpected at bedtime.

Our passion is to contribute to your guest journey that has touch points of care at a weary arrival to a departure with a smile. Memorable, amazing, thoughtful and clever are all words used to describe the unique turn down treats we have on our menu. Go beyond expectations!




The power of a fragrance in any room is immense. It can stir up emotions, instantly relax and energise or simply say to you, ”This is the place for me, I am comfortable here.”

So if you’re thinking of creating an atmosphere thats different we might just be a perfect partner for you with our bespoke aromatic developments.  



Travel is a Joy.

But it can also be stressful and wearying. Whether by plane, limo or luxury liner, turning left or right at the top of the stairs our clever products help rescue skin, body and mind from the perils of travel and make sure you arrive relaxing and raring to go.

So when we say ‘Spa Wherever you are”. We really do mean it.




Our bespoke gift service takes care of all gift giving needs for clients or guests, supporters or customers, year round. We’ll work with you to create something quite special and unique for your brand to say,  “thanks for you business, we think you’re great, get well soon or travel safe”. 

You give us your ear and we’ll surprise you.