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Temple Spa was born out of our love of the Mediterranean. The people, the food, the lifestyle and the landscape are infused with such a special energy. We were inspired to set out on an adventure that would bring all this to life for people everywhere.

Yes, we're in the business of skincare. We've won multiple awards and worldwide acclaim for our luxury range and our spa experiences. But because this business is our baby (but has now come of age), and because we're a small but perfectly formed team who live, breathe and love what we do, we are about care in the fullest sense of the word.

Mark & Liz

Mark & Liz Warom
Founders of Temple Spa 



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WE’RE PASSIONATE about our products, but we’re even more passionate about people, who are passionate about people! Life can be stressful and we truly want Temple Spa to be a positive metaphor, whether you browse & use our products, enjoy a spa treatment, host a class or even work with us!

WE LOVE and value the people who we do life with each day. There is a spirit of generosity and gratitude that emanates from “the top” through to each and every person working with Temple Spa. Visit our beautiful offices and you will find an atmosphere of buzzy calm.

WE PARTNER with some amazing supply partners and together, we find the best ingredients formulas, packaging and design we can and we’re in constant pursuit of improvement in all areas of the business. The pursuit of excellence drives us.

WE BELIEVE in doing business with integrity. Our aim is to improve the self-esteem and wellbeing of everyone we come into contact with and to this end, we will not exploit any person or animal in the creation and management of our products and nor do we commission anyone to do this on our behalf.

WE GIVE our love and donate over 10% of our profits to a number of key charities that we believe we can make a difference to. Our brand has a message of self-esteem, so it seems fitting that we focus our effort on those that for whatever reason, don’t have a great self-esteem or life.

WE TRY our absolute best. We don’t always get it right and we beat ourselves up when we don’t. But our heart is to do the right thing. If you have any feedback on how we could improve, then we’d honestly love to hear from you.



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EXCLUSIVELY DEVELOPED – each and every Temple Spa product is created by us and with us. We never just take a formula “off the shelf” but we work with the best of breed to give us the texture-aroma-performance objective of each product. There is a purpose to each product and each stands alone without duplication.

CREATION GIVEN – nature provides us with a plethora of botanicals and when formulating we’ll always visit first the provenance of The Mediterranean to find plant, fruit and legume extracts, many of which have a sustainable history of health benefits.

“You are what you eat” is a nutritional philosophy we believe in and since there is a close synergy between the stomach and the skin, it is interesting to see the positive effect of these ingredients on the complexion too.

RESULTS DRIVEN - texture and performance matter. We highly regard the place for derma-science, technical innovation and research; it has provided us with many remarkable ingredients that work synergistically with their natural counterparts and a combination of both gives us some pretty impressive products.



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Mediterranean. The very word is a mental vacation and makes you smile. To escape there is pure joy, but to enjoy a bit of it every day through our brand is next best. 

It was actually whilst in the Mediterranean, uplifted by the culture, healthy diet, powerful culture and stunning scenery, that the idea for Temple Spa was born. Strongly influenced by the warmth, colours, landscape, history and lifestyle of this magnificent region, it inspires our products, ingredients, spa treatments, design and total philosophy.

Mediterranean people are warm, affectionate and passionate. They have a particular rhythm and style. We love that, and it infuses our language, vision and dreams. Our names and verbiage is warm and chatty too and we hope makes you smile as you read about and use Temple Spa.



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You've watched our video and learnt more about us so why not explore the actual products? We are proud of our amazing skincare range which includes the award-winning Truffle family range and we know you'll just love them!




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