Rose Quartz, Cashmere & Airbrushing

So what do these three things have in common? Two words: BODY TRUFFLE.

You loved the award-winning miracle SKIN TRUFFLE - well this is the same gorgeous, rejuvenating performance but for the body.

It also has ingredients that we associate with celebration and luxury: cashmere, summer truffles, cocoa, rose quartz, gold, silk and champagne.

Airbrushing? Well that’s how your skin tone will look – lustrous, bright, radiant, smooth, firm and even colour. As if you’ve been airbrushed (or 'Photo shopped', as we should say these days!). The skin you long for, basically.

In addition it has collagen boosting and skin conditioning ingredients. How’s that for unbeatable short and long term anti-ageing benefits? One application and you will see the benefits, and a course of daily applications might see the miracles that SKIN TRUFFLE has been labelled by the press as having!


And the new 2013 formulation has an exquisite new fragrance. Fresh green top notes with a floral heart of jasmine, water lily and rose, and a warming base note of amber, musk and light woodsy scents. The fragrance, however, is subtle and won’t conflict with any perfume you might wear.

Massage BODY TRUFFLE into your arms, legs, back and front, using long sweeping circular motions. For long-term benefits use morning and evening. Alternatively use as an occasional treatment for flawless and radiant skin finish. Either way, savor the time and turn this into a spa moment for yourself.