Skincare Routine For Winter-proofing Your Body

Winter does have its good points – like Christmas, the first snowfall, that  drop dead gorgeous coat hanging in your closet that you bought on sale at the end of last winter! But like the annoyance of snow that quickly turns to slushy mud, we kinda don’t like the effect winter has on our poor bods! I think that animals have got winter pretty sussed by going into hibernation, but us human beings have to keep doing life above ground.  So here’s some winter-proofing tips:


Chilly temperatures, wind, hotter showers and baths plus the low humidity caused by indoor heating causes our skin to dehydrate more than normal. Take your regular face cream with you and apply during the day. Add a night cream to your skin care routine if you don’t already do that and also remember to wear a lip balm whenever you are outdoors. Switch your regular mask for a hydrating mask


Pull out those gorgeous leather gloves you have hiding in the back of your drawers. Get in the habit of putting them on whenever you head outdoors. And grab yourself a pair of those light cotton gloves (in larger chemists), and before you go to sleep apply a rich hand cream then wear the gloves for a few hours, or overnight. During the day you can nourish your cuticles with lip balm.


Static hair is probably the biggest winter problem, caused by negative ions on the hair shafts. When selecting winter hair care products, choose a mild shampoo and a richer conditioner. A great tip from hairdressers is to spray your hairbrush with hairspray and then brush your hair to help prevent flyaways.


Winterproof your skin by lowering the temperature of your bath and shower, and using a body moisturiser from top to toe whilst your body is still slightly damp. Then apply again before you go to bed. To treat really rough elbows exfoliate them twice a day, then slather with a rich cream. In fact, exfoliation is even more important in winter than summer, as you will have dead skin cells in abundance. 


lip balm also does wonders on cracked heels – pop a generous amount all over your heels, then apply a rich body moisturiser all over the feet, then pop socks over the top before hopping into bed. In the morning your feet will be baby soft.

Temple Spa’s Top 8 winter must-have products:

  1. DUVET firming body cream
  2. SOL MATE self tanning soufflé
  3. QUENCH rejuvenating face mask
  4. ALL TALK moisturizing lip balm
  5. REPOSE aromatherapy resting cream
  6. SELF DEFENCE spf30 for face
  7. PALM BALM luxurious skincare for the hands
  8. DRIFT AWAY relaxing bathing & massage oil