You’ve probably landed on this page because you’re thinking about becoming a TEMPLESPA Lifestyle Consultant or Ambassador, interested in joining our family of self-employed people, looking to find out more on how you can earn money from home or find a side hustle on top up your existing income. Perhaps you want to find out more about the TEMPLESPA earnings structure or TEMPLESPA skincare products. Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place and it’s great to meet you.



TEMPLESPA is a British Skincare brand based in West Sussex, England.

We’ve won multiple awards the latest of which was BEST BRITSH BRAND at the CEW Consumer Choice Awards 2022

We pride ourselves on three main pillars that we call our POWER OF THREE performance, texture, and experience.

Performance in our derma-science, Mediterranean botanical-inspired formulas with proven, visible results.

Textures like cashmere and delicious fragrances that are completely sensorial, feel good, comfortable and stand out.

Experiences that are memorable through all our customer touchpoints and sales channels.

We inspire and bring to life a sense of luxury, quality and indulgence and we make it our mission to make people smile with uplifting product names and copy. We want people to feel good about themselves and truly love who they are, inside and out. TEMPLESPA is a luxury skincare brand with wellness at its heart.

Driven by over 20 years of scientific research, TEMPLESPA is a conscious British brand that marries Mediterranean sunshine with leading derma-science for clinically proven results. We’re very proud of our award-winning product ranges and our overall multi-channel business model that allows customers to spa wherever they are. Be that in one of our luxury spa hotels, in Harrods, in five-star hotels, online, or in our SPA TO GO sales channel where we bring Spa Experiences to you in person whether that be a one-to-one, a gather with your friends, a round table experience or through our revolutionary TEMPLESPA Digital TV Channel.


What is SPA TO GO with TEMPLESPA?  

SPA TO GO offers an exclusive experience to customers combining person-to-person interaction with online too. It’s a proven, and very successful model for us. Through our network of passionate independent sales consultants (we call them Lifestyle Consultants and Ambassadors), we bring a pop-up spa boutique into the home.

Being a Consultant or an Ambassador offers great opportunities to work for yourself be it to earn some extra money, pay the bills or provide the extra treats, meet new people, and personally grow in confidence. We love this and we are incredibly proud of how this part of our business works to empower people to run their own business and of the influence we’ve had on positively helping to shape lives, careers and relationships.  You’ve probably got a lot of questions so let’s answer them for you here.


What is a TEMPLESPA Consultant or Ambassador?

You can join TEMPLESPA as a Consultant or an Ambassador. The difference is the starting kit of products you buy into. When you join you become an official representative, registered to deliver our amazing class experiences, and sell our award-winning products.

You can join and become a Consultant which means you will have a vast product kit worth over £1000 plus the tools to deliver a Spa Experience in person or online. Or if would like a toe in the water first you can join as an Ambassador and focus on sharing and selling our hero products. As you grow and earn you can choose to increase your kit and become a Consultant, and we’ll help you get there. And if you fancy a full-blown career? You can work your way up to becoming a Regional Director. The choice is yours, a little or a lot.


How do you earn and make money as a TEMPLESPA Consultant or Ambassador?

Consultants and Ambassadors organise and host a pop-up Spa Experience in person or online and post to their social media platforms. They share information and education on skincare and products – we call it edutainment, learning and having fun at the same time.

Participants in the Spa Experience can benefit from exclusive collections and buy products directly from the Consultant or Ambassador. All orders are charged directly to the customer and the order is delivered straight to the customer’s door. TEMPLESPA do all the operational work so Consultants and Ambassadors can focus on running their business.

Consultants or Ambassadors do not hold stock, they don’t need to as all orders are delivered from our warehouse to the customer.  We also have a 99% service level too so Consultants or Ambassadors can feel confident in our supply or products.

Each Consultant or Ambassador is given their own personal website, and TEMPLESPA manages all the content for you so it’s nice and easy, always beautiful. Customers can be directed there to shop from social links, emails and literature.

As a Consultant or an Ambassador, you will typically receive 25% (15% minimum) on all the sales you make, and this is paid to you monthly.

So, all you have to do as a Consultant or Ambassador is buy your kit and share the love of the product with all you know. There is no other financial outlay.


How much does it cost to be a TEMPLESPA Consultant or Ambassador?

To join as a Consultant or an Ambassador you buy what we call a kit. We have a range of kits starting from £75 (Product Value £375) to £175 (Product value £800+).

The cost of the initial kit is the only money that a Consultant or Ambassador will ever pay to TEMPLESPA. If an Ambassador wants to upgrade to a Consultant kit, there are additional opportunities to do this.

We do the training so if you don’t have too much confidence to begin with, we’ll lend you some of ours to get you going. SPA TO GO is one big family rooting for each other, we have fun and live, breathe and love what we do. That’s our mantra.

Once you have your kit you will get your own personal website and access to our Business and Training Hub where you’ll find all the information you need. If you were encouraged to join by one of our lovely Managers, they will train you personally and give you all the hints and tips to getting started. If not, we’ll allocate you a Manager who will look after you and welcome you into their team.


How much does a TEMPLESPA Consultant or Ambassador earn?

Many people ask this question, and we understand this makes the difference to joining or not. The answer is as little or as much as you like. We don’t disclose earnings as a rule as this is based on the amount of time and effort you put in. You set your own goals. Consultants and Ambassadors begin earning 15% on all their sales and once they hit £175 a month this then increases to 25%. Earnings are paid monthly directly into a designated bank account.

All earnings are paid to the Consultant or Ambassador.


How much time do you need to give to being a TEMPLESPA Consultant or an Ambassador?

The answer is as little or as much as you like, and this depends on your circumstances and your reasons for joining. We support you no matter what your ambition is, we’ll help you every step of the way no matter what your goal is.


Who can join as a TEMPLESPA Consultant or Ambassador?

We have a wonderful army of Consultants and Ambassadors in the UK from 18-year-olds to 80-year-olds, everyone is welcome to join our growing business. For anyone who is working a full-time job, looking for a part-time income or a stay-at-home mum or dad, there’s an opportunity for all. (Minimum age 18).


Is there a minimum amount of sales a TEMPLESPA Consultant or Ambassador must do?

To keep your business going, we ask you to maintain sales of £175 per month. With the average price of a TEMPLESPA skincare product being £35.00, that’s just 5 product sales a month. We find this is very achievable if you keep the conversation going with everyone you meet, and we will ensure we give you the tools and tips to help you succeed.


Do TEMPLESPA Managers get a cut of Consultant or Ambassador earnings?

Managers at TEMPLESPA do not take earnings away from Consultants or Ambassadors.

Some of our Consultants go on to join our Manager programme where their earnings increase and lots of other benefits become available too. TEMPLESPA pays the increase in earnings, and this does not come from the Consultants or Ambassadors in the manager’s team.


Why does TEMPLESPA have a direct selling sales channel?

TEMPLESPA is a people business, and we believe in providing opportunity and growth to all.  We love and encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and the concept of encouraging people to find new levels of self-esteem, live, breathe and love who they are, earn as little or as much as they like, find comradery and experience great products.

Our Co-Founder, Liz Warom, started TEMPLESPA in 2000 with her husband Mark. Following a successful career making and distributing skincare and colour cosmetic products for others they decided they would put their experience to good use. Liz’s background in the development of products and brands, in direct-to-consumer selling, and in growing people and curating teams gave her insight and wisdom into the impact you can have on someone’s life and the positive, empowering changes that can happen. Thus, SPA TO GO with TEMPLESPA was born.


How does SPA TO GO work?

SPA TO GO empowers people to grow personally and professionally, meet new people, make new friends and have fun while making money.

We like to think of it like this; It's like a passionate person opening a new franchise branch of their favourite coffee shop or foodie experience. Our lovely Consultants enter a business partnership with us and then have access to selling TEMPLESPA award-winning spa-grade products and much more, direct-to-customers.


Do you have to hold stock as a TEMPLESPA Consultant of Ambassador?

We never ask our SPA TO GO Consultants or Ambassadors to buy stock up front, and nor do we encourage it.

All customer orders are placed through our SPA TO GO Consultant's personal website or through our central ordering system on our Business Hub. The end customer pays for their order directly to TEMPLESPA.

None of a Consultant’s or Ambassador’s own money leaves their pocket to pay for customer orders. Consultants and Ambassadors earn from 15% on their sales with the majority earning 25%. We pay monthly sales earnings.


Do I have to recruit other people into TEMPLESPA if I join?

The answer to this is no, not if you don’t want to. We have a very successful manager programme for those who want to build a team and we’ll coach you through this, those that don’t want to build a team are not pressured to.

A Consultant’s or Ambassador’s business growth doesn’t depend on the recruitment of others. We have many people in SPA TO GO who have built very a strong business and personal rewards simply working as a consultant or ambassador and they love it for what it gives them and just being part of a big team. Some join to be more social, make new friends, share good times and be part of something fun. It’s not always about the money.


How do TEMPLESPA Consultants and Ambassadors stay informed from head office and up to date?

We have a wonderful Customer Relationship Management team based in our head office in Littlehampton, West Sussex who ensure all Consultants and Ambassadors feel supported all the time and can call in to speak with a real person should they need to.

We also have a field-based Business Management and Communications team so any question, no matter how big or small can be dealt with, with empirical knowledge.

Our business and training hub houses a lot of great content which you can log in to for up-to-date information and activity. From scripts, worksheets, email templates and social media assets to product information, training packs and videos, it’s all there at your fingertips.

We believe in doing business ethically and fairly which our Consultants and Ambassadors sign up to in our T&Cs when joining. If any time there are questions about unethical behaviour in a team, we are all ears to listen and act to restore equilibrium, which is critical to best practise in our business. We do not condone pushy sales techniques and investigate any rare allegations thoroughly from HO.

We regularly communicate best business practices, to our Consultant and Ambassador community.  From onboarding training and introductions, throughout our monthly meetings and bi-annual events to our video check-ins and live streams, these are not just best practices but part of the TEMPLESPA business culture.

We promote kindness and understanding from the top down, and this is something that’s shared in our communications with all levels of Consultants and Ambassadors. 


Are TEMPLESPA products any good?

TEMPLESPA formulas have a purpose in delivering, amazing textures, experience and skincare performance. Leading to visible results, good skin health and soul health.

Each award-winning TEMPLESPA product is formulated to spa professional quality. The widespread use of TEMPLESPA in luxury Spa Hotels and Day Spas is a testament to the benefits and results seen in use.


We rigorously test our formulas using clinical and independent user trials to ensure they do what they promise, are safe and give the customer the best experience.

TEMPLESPA products are cruelty-free and 100% vegetarian. 89% of all formulas are Vegan and we aim to progress towards 100% by the end of 2024. Watch this space.

We are wholeheartedly committed to the ethical and responsible sourcing of our raw materials. All TEMPLESPA products containing palm or palm-derived ingredients now contain a sustainable RSPO source. TEMPLESPA are members of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), membership number APP019359.


Where are TEMPLESPA products made?

TEMPLESPA products are made in the UK, Switzerland and Italy by world-class manufacturers developed by world-class derma-scientists and chemists.


Is TEMPLESPA packaging sustainable?

TEMPLESPA packaging is chosen with sustainability, recyclability, and usability in mind. Our choice of packaging is purposeful to give the best experience while ensuring we are planet-friendly.

We have made huge inroads in the last 5 years to move to environmentally conscious packaging. We have moved to FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) board, to ensure that our card products come from responsibly managed forests providing environmental, social, and economic benefits. We have changed our primary packaging materials to ensure recyclability and we have added a minimum of 30% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) materials to most of our packaging.

As of July 2022 90%, of our packaging sold is 100% recyclable. We are very transparent in recycling information as it can be very confusing. For instance, we do not class a component with parts that on their own are recyclable but when fixed together are not. If a piece of packaging can be popped in the recycling bin without being taken apart then it's 100% recyclable in our mind. If not like some pumps and pipettes for instance with internal metal parts, washers and springs – then they are not recyclable. Some brands have different views, but for TEMPLESPA transparency is vital.

Not all companies adopt this approach so learn the difference if sustainability drives your choices.


Does TEMPLESPA give to charity?

TEMPLESPA products have a purpose, and we proudly donate 10% of our profits to charity each year. We have raised and donated over £1million in the past 10 years.

In addition, we have raised and donated over half a million pounds to the charity Mind since 2019. Through Safe Haven, we support the homeless of Brighton, local to our head office, with product donations and shelter aid.

We also support Eden Farm in Zambia where we have donated to support children who are less fortunate than ours. For better schools, education, safe accommodation, and many of the basic things we take for granted here in the UK. Previous charitable campaigns have raised significant amounts for Centre Point, Mariposa Trust and Mercy UK.

So yes, TEMPLESPA does support good causes and charities.


Where is TEMPLESPA sold?

TEMPLESPA can be found in luxury spas, in Harrods, in five-star hotels and resorts, online or through our Consultants and Ambassadors in our SPA TO GO sales channel.

In the UK we do not sell in any other department store or high street bricks and mortar shops. The luxury and prestigious department store Harrods is our only retail partner. This is a deliberate strategy to ensure we keep our SPA TO GO entrepreneurial opportunity sustainable for our Consultants and Ambassadors.



TEMPLESPA is 100% privately owned by the founders Liz and Mark Warom. Liz Warom is the Managing Director and Mark Warom is the CEO. The company is run and distributed from West Sussex on the South Coast of England.


Why isn’t TEMPLESPA a member of the Direct Selling Association?

TEMPLESPA is a multi-distribution business, and we don’t emphasize direct selling over any of our other channels.


Is TEMPLESPA a Pyramid Scheme?

No, TEMPLESPA is not a pyramid scheme. Pyramid selling schemes are illegal in the UK and we do not condone the practice of operating a pyramid scheme.

Our TEMPLESPA SPA TO GO programme is not a Pyramid Scheme. Our SPA TO GO programme is a direct-to-consumer sales channel. We do recruit people who join us as what we call Lifestyle Consultants or Ambassadors who sell our products in one-to-one chats, at round table classes, at social gatherings, on social media and our fabulous TEMPLESPA TV digital platform. Our Consultants and Ambassadors are like brand advocates and influencers sharing skincare, tips, advice and skincare insight.


What is a Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a type of business model that recruits people with the promise of earnings or services as a reward for recruiting and bringing in more people themselves.


Is TEMPLESPA an MLM Company?

The entire purpose of an MLM is to recruit an individual and then use the recruit to recruit others. The entire purpose of SPA TO GO is to share and sell our products and collections to a consumer through an amazing experience. This makes us very different.

As an MLM consultant/contractor or distributor, you make your money by selling the products to other multilevel marketing participants. If they're not already a member of your MLM company, you sign them up. [Consultant sells to Consultant]

SPA TO GO consultants do not sell to each other, consultants only sell to the end customer.

The “compensation” or “commission” plan of a traditional MLM is designed so that you make more money by recruiting new members rather than through sales that you make yourself. All commissions and rewards in SPA TO GO are related to end consumer purchases.

The TEMPLESPA SPA TO GO programme is not classified as a traditional MLM but as a direct-to-consumer sales channel.


What is MLM?

The Federal Trade Commission defines MLMs as: ‘Multi-level marketing companies who recruit people to sell products on commission and incentivise members to recruit additional participants to buy and sell products, as per the Federal Trade Commission definition.’