What are you hiding in your handbag?

What does the Queen keep in her handbag?  Reading glasses? A hanky? Possibly 007’s phone number?

Scarily, I tipped out mine to see just what I haul around everyday (but funny enough, I couldn’t find Daniel Craig’s number anywhere).

Mandatory are phone, earphones, purse, mini umbrella (goodness knows why as they never keep you dry anyway), hair spray, assorted makeup, broken hairgrip and an old packet of Polo’s (which I didn’t show as they were just too grungy). But because I’m a skincare product junkie, here are the best bits:

PALM BALM –hand cream is as essential as breathing!

MOISTURE TO GO – yes I carry the full size around with me! And use it.

TAKE A GRIP – for moments I feel clammy, or there’s no soap in the washrooms.

SORRENTO nail treat –I pop a new layer on every morning, and it keeps the manicure looking new.

YOUR TIME TO SHINE lip treat– my absolute favourite new colour.

BREATH OF LIFE – if I feel a sniffle coming on, or walk into a stuffy room, I pop a few drops onto a tissue and breathe away. Oh, and speaking of tissues, I must pop out to Boots later and get some more.

ALL TALK – lip balm is essential. Say no more.

ALL MOUTH – okay, so I had garlic at lunchtime.  Never fear, this will save my day (and everyone else around me).

CHILLICIOUS – this is leftover from summer, but hey, the amount of times I’ve needed it in hot spaces (gosh, some buildings just don’t know how to set their heating levels).

GOLDEN DELICIOUS – another leftover from summer, but I can’t take it out cause I sooo miss my healthy tanned face. Sshh. Don’t tell.

Don’t you just adore big handbags?

What’s in yours?