Earlier in the week we looked at four out of the seven masks in the range and today we finish with the final three which help to treat a range of skin concerns and types from acne-prone, sensitive, oily, combination and dull complexions. As most people have numerous skin concerns don’t be afraid to use different masks in different areas of your face, you may look a little peculiar but the results will be worth it!

Types of Masks

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The Spring Cleaner

Best for: decongested, acne-prone, oily or combination skin

Just like your house your skin needs a good deep clean - you know those times when it feels congested, a bit over spotty, dull and pores are in need of a good vacuum? Purification is the solution, the rich marine and land mud mask gives a professional deep cleanse. The dense mousse texture flushes out grime and impurities from blocked pores, helps to control excess sebum, decongests for skin clarity and detoxifies to reveal a healthy glow without drying the skin. The concentrated formula harnesses the power of Kaolin Clay which has deep cleansing, decongesting and toning qualities, helping to eliminate acne, blemishes and blackheads while smoothing and softening skin. It balances both oily and dry skin, absorbing oil and reducing the production of sebum without stripping the skin of its natural oils and works to nourish, sooth and soften dry skin.

The formula is fortified by Vitamin A and Vitamin E which work in synergy to address the signs of ageing and leave skin smooth, supple and firm.

PURIFICATION 85 g / 2.9 oz.
Cleansing Mask for Oily & Congested Skin

A vacuum cleaner for the pores!


The Stress Reliever

Best for: sensitive, fragile or stressed skin

This skin rescue mask is just like a comfort blanket for sensitive, stressed and delicate skin. It is a gentle anti-ageing crème mask that will give the skin a soothing treat, leaving it super smooth, firm and plump after just ten minutes - a real tonic for stressed skin.

Despite its gentle nature, BeCalm is supercharged with a boost of vitamins and nutrients which  calm, hydrate, settle, soothe and firm the delicate tissue. Vitamin A and E combine to soothe and protect skin whilst a blend of moisturising oils including apricot and oil nourish, smooth and soften skin. Liquorice targets hyperpigmentation and helps to even out skin tone, calm redness and eliminate acne causing bacteria. It contains powerful antioxidants and has a brightening action that leaves skin hydrated, clearer and luminous.

BECALM 65 ml / 2.1 fl.oz.
Face Mask for Sensitive Skin

A hug in a jar!


The Power Player

Best for: dull or decongested skin, combination or oily skin

The Power Breakfast is a nutritious mask is a health kick in a jar, it combines oats, honey, fruit and juice to gently dissolve dead skin cells, polish, decongest and brighten even the dullest of complexions.

Kaolin Clay provides deep cleaning and draws out impurities, reduces bacteria and balances oiliness while nourishing, toning and improving skin tone. Strawberry juice, papaya juice, walnut shell powder and pear and apple juice detox and exfoliate skin, naturally dissolving dead skin cells and leaving skin bright and radiant. After 20 minutes skin is left balanced, nourished, restored and rejuvenated.

Cleansing Face Scrub & Mask

Health kick in a jar!


Application Tips

Regardless which mask you opt for the application method will always begin in the same way. As with all skincare products (with the obvious exception of cleansers) it’s important to start with a clean face. If you apply masks directly onto unwashed skin you will trap dirt and impurities into skin which increases the chance of breakouts and irritation.

To increase the effectiveness of your mask, apply to clean skin and gently exfoliate skin as this removes dead-cell skins and enables ingredients to absorb and penetrate deeper into skin.

To ensure that the mask delivers its desired benefits follow the application directions and leave on for the directed time. In the case of clay or mud masks, exceeding this time can dry out skin or increase bacteria levels leading to breakouts. For this reason it is also important to ensure that you remove all traces of clay masks as residue can dry out skin. Using a muslin cloth to gently buff off a mask can help to improve the exfoliating benefits of masks and removes dead, dull skin cells that have been broken down. After washing off your mask follow with a sweep of toner to leave skin feeling clean and fresh.

With so many to choose from, we’d love to know which mask is your favourite?