Temple Spa’s Fantastic Range of Body Care Spa Products

Before creating our spa products, we defined our values to make us a refreshing & rare find in the luxury beauty products industry. This means no testing on animals, only the best natural spa product ingredients & a dash of Mediterranean inspiration that creates the most soothing body care.

Our extensive body care range includes body scrubs, specialised foot balm to reduce swelling, fragrance and essencesincluding candles & massage products designed to get you relaxed, rejuvenated and feeling great.Two of our finest lotion and scrub body products, are Duvet natural body cream & Sugar Buff. These two working together provide an exfoliation, hydration, firming, toning and smoothing effect.

Palm Balm is one of the best hand creams available. Popular for its long lasting hydration, non-greasy finish and silky, smooth skin.  Please feel free to browse our selection, which also includes luxury bath and shower products – & much, much more.

More Information About Our Luxury Spa & Body Care Products

Not sure which product is right for you? Do you need something to solve a specific problem? If so, please browse our problems & solutions page for dedicated skin care advice & information on which skin care products work best.  All our skin care products have an anti-ageing effect, you can browse all anti ageing products here.

We’ve made all our spa products available online, as we totally believe you can spa wherever you are. Plus we love questions, so if you can’t find what you need in our skin care tips section, then please do contact us.