Grooming Guide

The beard has frequently been cited as a symbol of power, wisdom, and maturity in men, throughout history. Who could forget the classic full-beard of Sigmund Freud, or the gravity defying Dali look? When following any of these beard styles, taking the necessary steps to keep your beard well-groomed is an absolute must.

Modern beard styles require plenty of care and attention; luckily we have plenty of tips to help you get a fuller facial hair, as well as a range of suitable products to leave your beard silky smooth and undeniably strong. Our beard guide will help you sport a trendy beard you can be proud of.


Before you start to do anything to your beard, soften up your face and hair with some warm water, which will really open up those pores and help your skin better absorb any men's grooming products you’ll be using.

Once the hair is soft and the skin is smooth, trim your beard to the desired length. If you’re using an electric razor, make sure you cut the hair in every direction across your face; beards can be deceptive in that you’ll notice errant long patches every so often, so be thorough! If you’re using a manual razor, ensure you protect your skin with a good quality shaving gel.


After a trim, and depending on the length of your chosen beard style, shaping your beard is an important part of making it look neat and tidy. This also helps keep the appearance of natural and even growth.

You’ll want to trim the edges of your beard so it naturally contours to your face, and this means being careful when deciding how high or low to trim your cheek-line or neckline.


Washing your beard will keep it healthy and full. Using soap or shampoo will suffice, and conditioner will keep your hair looking healthy, but going for a quality facial cleanser will effectively wash out the dirt and oil that gets caught in your beard on a daily basis.

It’s also important to dry out your beard thoroughly once it has been washed, as you won’t want any lingering moisture to stay stuck and ruin your styling routine; a towel or flannel should suffice for all different beard styles.

Beard Styling

When it comes to styling your beard, a good beard oil is the perfect solution to keeping your facial hair strong and silky, as well as preventing dandruff and rashes over a prolonged period of use. It’ll also help to apply some moisturising balm around the stubble, which will prevent those trapped hairs from causing too much trouble.


At this point, it’s up to you whether you wish to apply some beard wax or not. Modern beard styles can benefit greatly from a lick of wax on the tips of your moustache, or an all-over job to ensure the hairs are pointing in the right direction. Coming up with some new beard styles is part of the fun, so go wild and experiment.