Men's Shaving Guide

There are many things men should think about when it comes to shaving, and it’s not simply about avoiding cuts. 

Getting that elusive good shave, where you achieve consistent smoothness and avoid any kind of irritation is something of an art. Unfortunately, many men get it wrong.

It’s important men know how to shave properly. Shaving properly not only means that you look better, it’s also important for overall skin health. Many of our customers benefit from our men’s range that contains many men’s shaving products.

Our luxury spa products help promote men’s skincare and effective shaving – but you also need to have right technique in your regimen. So what should you do?

How To Shave Properly – Prepare Your Skin

The first thing you need to do is prepare your face for shaving, it’s no use just grabbing a razor and slicing away each morning. You need to prepare your skin; after all you’re dragging a sharp blade over it so it’s not something to enter into lightly.

Before shaving, there are several steps you should follow.

Use Warm Water

If you’re shaving without warm water then you may as well not use water at all. Splashing some warm water on your face pre-shave will soften up the hair and also open up the pores – which then means the various nutrients and moisturising agents in the male grooming products you use are absorbed more readily. Using one of our men’s body care products such as the moisturising La La Lagoon wash in the shower can help soften the hair and open your pores.

When Shaving - Prepare Your Razor

The razor itself needs some preparation. First of all, make sure it is sharp. Blunt razors cause a lot of problems including irritation, and this can be quite simply avoided by using a blade that has not been dulled through overuse. You should also put your razor under some warm water before use; this will make the shave more comfortable after splashing warm water on your face and help reduce razor burn because there is no temperature difference between the blade and your skin.

Shaving Tips - Oils & Foams

Pre-shave, you can use various nutrient rich oils or foams designed to soften up and provide a protective layer for your skin. Wash your skin using a face wash with a cleanser like our Good To Go foaming wash to make sure your skin is properly cleansed before shaving, which can in turn prevent irritation.

This is particularly important if you’re shaving every day, as irritation can worsen if you’re shaving daily. It’s also a good idea to use a brush to apply your shaving foam. A particularly good shaving foam is our Stubble Trouble which contains herbal extracts to reduce irritation. It’s important to always use shaving foam, if you’re travelling then the Stubble Trouble Travel Size is a perfect way to get a good shave on the move.

During Your Shave

Whilst shaving, there are few cardinal rules you must follow for a good shave.

  • Shave in the direction of the growth
  • Rinse your blade after each stroke.

By shaving in the direction of the hair growth you put less strain on your skin, and it also prevents unpleasant things like ingrown hairs. Rinsing your razor makes sure it doesn’t become clogged with hair.

Stroke the blade in short smooth motions, and make sure you take your time to prevent cuts.

After Your Shave

Men's Shaving Products To Promote Healthy Skin

The first thing to do once you’ve finished shaving is rinse your face with cold water. With all the irritation that your skin has gone through you will need to calm it down – and cold water is a great way to rinse any excess product off of your skin and also close up your pores.

After shaving your beard your skin will be sensitive, so using men’s skincare products at this stage will ensure it doesn’t become damaged. Our Peace Be Still calming balm is enriched with vitamin B and other natural spa ingredients so it is well suited to help your skin recover after shaving.

When drying your skin, make sure you use a clean towel and always pat dry in order to prevent any irritation.