Pale Pasty Skin

Most people associate a healthy skin with a bright & vibrant complexion. Although pale skin is predominantly genetic, lack of exposure to the sun, or poor nutrition or illness, can result in a pasty or dull effect. It’s important not to get too much sun, but small amounts of exposure with a good moisturising sun cream are necessary for good skin health. There are also a few products that can help brighten up the complexion.

Natural Skincare Products for Pale Skin

One of our best skin care products is Sol Mate fake tan. This is one of the most authentic looking faux tan products available, & gives a very natural looking healthy appearance – whilst providing an extra bit of vibrancy & bounce to your skin as it gradually takes effect. And best of all it contains natural ingredients that give it a gorgeous fragrance.

If you need colour right now, then Lovely Day is an instant bronzing gel. It will give your face a pronounced healthy glow, & doesn’t look like makeup, so even the guys can use it. & best of all, it is non-permanent, so it washes off in the shower at the end of the day.

Skin Truffle is our most luxurious day crème. It contains ingredients such as diamonds & black summer truffles to give you a natural glow, plus Happybelle-PE, which is a phyto-endorphine complex that gives the complexion a happy glow, just as if you’ve just had good news. Now isn’t that great news!                  

All our spa products are available online, as we totally believe you should spa wherever you are. Plus we love questions, so if you can’t find what you need in our skin care tips section, then please do contact us.