Puffy Ankles & Fluid Retention

What Causes Fluid-Retention?

Fluid-Retention or Water-Retention is an abnormal build-up of fluid in your body tissues which is commonly identified by swelling, predominantly in the lower legs, ankles & feet but can generate across any part of your body. There are many causes for fluid-retention such as low protein levels in your blood, congestive heart failure, lung disease & venous insufficiency commonly identified by varicose veins. One of the cosmetic side effects of fluid-retention is cellulite as it intensifies.

Many women are familiar with pre-menstrual water retention which causes bloating & tenderness of the breasts. A discomfort that regularly keeps you from participating in activities you enjoy as you are uneasy & fatigued.

Fluid-Retention Treatments

The key to remediate fluid-retention is hydration. One of the prevention methods for fluid-retention is to drink a lot of water, but as your body is predominantly made up of water you can cause yourself more harm by drinking more when you are already suffering, so you need to think of an alternative.

Our Go Figure formula is an anti-cellulite and slimming gel that is formulated with Ginseng which is commonly used by athletes to re-hydrate after a race. Ginseng combined with guarana & ginger energises your skin when massaged twice a day with a rigorous, circular motion with the added bonus of smoothing & toning your skin. You feel rejuvenated & the quality of your skin improves helping you to look & feel healthy & ready to go. If at times you suffer from fluid-retention in your hands you may find it easier to apply Go Figure with our No Pain No Gain Body Massager.

GO FIGURE is for your bum, tum and thighs so if you want to indulge in a full body spa treatment at home for half the price, then you can also benefit from The Power Breakfast face mask. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day & you need to think about what goes onto your skin as well as into your body as your skin absorbs nutrients. The Power Breakfast contains honey, oats, fruit juices and is packed with botanicals polishing & smoothing your skin.

Temple Spa are committed to helping you spa wherever you are, & so we offer our products to buy online. Our refreshing skincare products can provide a hydrating & energising solution to fluid-retention. Order your solution today.

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