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Wellness Kit


Wellness Kit

… and breathe!

A collection of restoring products to help create a moment of calm and promote self-care, wherever you are.

RESULTS instant moment of peace | relaxes | eases tension | refreshes & soothes | helps to clear the mind

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Need a moment of peace but don’t have much time? Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or need five to gather your thoughts? This restorative aromatherapy kit will create a calming moment in your day, wherever you are. Practice our wellness ritual and you’ll be ready to face the day again.

BREATH OF LIFE | Inhalation Essence 10ml
REPOSE | Aromatherapy Resting Cream 15ml
AAAHHH! | Soothing Balm for Aching Feet & Limbs 50ml
QUIETUDE | Calming Mist for Me & My Space 30ml

  • All skin types
  • Anyone feeling stressed or overwhelmed
  • Anyone feeling sluggish & in need of a pick-me-up
  • Those looking for a calming ritual

Pop a few drops of BREATH OF LIFE on a tissue or inhale straight from the bottle for relief from a fuzzy head, an instant energy boost or a clearer mind. 

Massage AAAHHH! into feet & legs to bring cooling respite to overworked, tired limbs. It also does wonders on the back of your neck to refresh or apply to aching limbs to chill and soothe.

Spritz QUIETUDE in your space when you need a little extra help to unwind and relax.

Smooth REPOSE into your hands, rub your palms together, cup your hands and breathe in the calming scent before massaging your face & neck. Or, massage into pulse point for an instant moment of peace.

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