Mud, Glorious Mud - The latest product to hit our shelves leaving you saying “Please sir, can I have some more” is 'Glorious Mud'. And indeed you can, but for some time you couldn’t. Until now you will have only set your sight and senses on Glorious Mud if you’ve been lucky enough to experience our professional spa treatment, but now it is available for you to have your own Mediterranean spa experience at home. Sounds exotically wonderful right? Well trust us, it really is.

So what is it? Well, Glorious Mud is a dense seaweed and mud body treat. Now, that doesn’t sound all too appetising, except once you know what it does, you really won’t mind. This incredible formulation is a combination of a mineral rich blend of mud, kaolin clay, red algae and seaweed to stimulate the metabolism and promote fat burning. Although, not your everyday ingredients, we like to produce only the very best. For example Kaolin Clay’s primary focus within the product is to reduce the production of sebum, smoothing, toning and deep cleansing skin. The Seaweed is the wonder product that stimulates the metabolism (although we don’t recommend taking yourself down to the beach and rolling around in it on the sea shore) and it is also full of vitamins and rich minerals, so we don’t know about you, but anything that involves us not having to get on a treadmill is always going to be a winner in our eyes.

It also has Rosemary and Juniper which work by removing impurities, reduces the appearance of cellulite, improves the skin clarity and also has antiseptic properties which help to heal the skin. Great stuff I think you’ll agree.

So all you need is Glorious Mud and 20 minutes of your time, leaving your skin feeling smooth and silky with a top to toe detox. But here at TEMPLESPA we like to think of everything. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of a Glorious Mud treatment, then you’ll know that once the therapist has brushed your skin from head to toe, they’ll smother your body in the luscious mud and they’ll cocoon you in a cosy wrap, leaving the product to work its magic. As your body temperature rises it helps to draw the impurities out of your skin. So although we don’t have any cocoons for sale, we do have ‘All Wrapped Up – sauna suit.’

So if you are looking for ultimate results then simply:

Warm the mud between the palms of your hands and slather onto the body, covering the entire area to be treated.

Wait for the mud to dry and step into your sauna suit and sit back and relax for 20 minutes.

Then you’ll be ready for a nice warm bath or shower to wash it all off.

Mud, Glorious Mud.

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