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Wake up with…

A power-packed, healthy breakfast smoothie for the skin, it contains wholegrains, honey and a blend of Mediterranean fruits & juices that give the complexion a scrub and polish in less than a minute.

Give you and your skin a fresh start with BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE gentle exfoliator, cleanse and polish without upsetting your skin’s balance. A delicious energising boost to set up you for the day ahead. / for whatever the day brings.

Go to bed with…

REPOSE aromatherapy relaxing night cream, our best loved product with a serious cult following! A vitamin rich blend of ten calming essentials oils, infused with hops and valerian both of which have a natural ability to aid a restful sleep. 

Plus packed full of natural plant extracts and anti-oxidants which leave your complexion ultra-smooth, moisturised and settled, whilst working to calm and aid relaxation; going to sleep never felt so good!

The one thing that helped me sleep after years of insomnia!” 
Hayley, Customer

Sweet dreams with…

The perfect sleep spray, QUIETUDE calming aromatherapy mist. Crafted from a blend of the most relaxing essential oils of cedar wood, cypress, lavender, clove, vetivert, orange, patchouli, frankincense and chamomile. Simply spritz on your pillow and around your room for a peaceful night’s sleep.

I love, love, love Repose! Plus a spray of Quietude on my pillow and I am well away” 
Kelly, Customer


Looking for a complete relaxation ritual? This collection of calming products will help to put your skin, body and soul at ease.