Aromatherapy Inhalation Essence

10 ml / 0.3 fl.oz.

Pay every 2 weeks in interest-free instalments. 18+ terms apply

Pay every month in interest-free instalments. 18+ terms apply

Portable and easy to use on the go, BREATH OF LIFE is a breath of aromatic fresh air in a bottle, for when you’re feeling stuffed up and need some energising clarity of mind.

BREATH OF LIFE is a beautiful aromatherapy essence that helps to bring clarity and energy when you’re feeling tired and stuffed up. It can be used as an inhalation treatment to clear your head from stuffiness and headaches or as a travel companion to combat tiredness and keep you feeling energised and strong on long journeys.

A “must have” aromatherapy oil for relaxation, for travel, your office drawer or your first aid cabinet.

  • Energises & uplifts
  • A clearer head
  • The perfect travel companion

Use as aromatherapy for stress relief with steam inhalation, pop on a tissue or sniff straight from the bottle. Whoa!

Breathe in straight from the bottle.

Put a couple of drops on a handkerchief or clean, folded tissue for instant relief and breathe it in during the day.

Use in an aromatherapy oil burner, diluted with water.

Use as an inhalation treatment by popping two drops into a bowl of boiling water. Lean over the water and create a tent over your head with a towel. Take deep breaths through the nose, breathing out of the mouth slowly. You might get a bit hot and flushed, but it is a glorious way to clear the head!