This time of year it’s easy to neglect our bodies as they are mostly wrapped up and hidden away under layers but with the party season just around the corner there’s no better time to pay a little attention to everything from your neck downwards. To get you started we’ve rounded up our award-winning bodycare products from the Beauty Bible awards so read on below to find out why they were loved by participants.

Best Body Scrub

Sugar Buff - Bronze Award

Sugar Buff is an all over body scrub that leaves your skin smooth, radiant and buffed to perfection. It is a deliciously fragranced, Mediterranean inspired sugar exfoliator with the most luscious texture that removes dead skin cells and encourages cell renewal to reveal silky smooth skin.

It’s formulated with a gorgeous blend of hydrating and rejuvenating ingredients including olive and grape seed oil, fig, pomegranate, Vitamin E plus a relaxing cocktail of essential oils including lavender, patchouli, clove and eucalyptus.

Why Testers Loved It...

'Before using this product my skin was scaly in places and I had bumps under my skin on my upper arms.  This scrub dramatically improved those and my husband commented on how soft my skin was. Unusually mess-free to use and didn't leave that awful slippy oil slick at the bottom of the shower. The only clue left was the lovely smell in my bathroom and my lovely smooth skin. It provided a very noticeable reduction in rough patches straight after first use, and improved the bumps with continued use. The improvements were well above anything I was expecting. Unfortunately I liked the product so much I would buy it again – and it’s considerably more than my usual scrubs!'  

'I loved the luxurious packaging; it reminded me of going to a spa. The fragrance was like walking into a spa too; I can smell the essential oils – lavender, patchouli eucalyptus and rosemary and the scent made me feel happy and invigorated. I also really liked the scoop provided as it gave me just the right amount to use on each part of my body'

'I used this scrub in the bath and I really like that it dissolved in the water so I wasn't sitting on a ton of grains. My skin was much smoother and softer after continued use and it made the bumps at the top of my arms completely disappear. I really loved this product. The scent left me feeling very relaxed and my skin was silky-smooth after'

'I loved the way that when you first apply it, it feels like an exfoliator but as you massage it in, it turns into an oil that left my skin feeling so soft and smooth I didn't have to apply a body lotion at all if I didn't want to. It said it would remove dead skin cells, stimulate circulation and soft the skin and that is what it did. I would happily buy it'

SUGAR BUFF 220g / 7.76oz
Sugar Body Scrub

Prepare to bare!


Best Body Lotion

Peace Be Still - Bronze Award

This sophisticated all-over balm deeply moisturises and softens, leaving your skin feeling oh so silky to the touch. It’s a lightweight body moisturiser that gently calms and soothes skin as it hydrates. Peace Be Still is aromatherapy and skincare in one; with extracts of coriander, lemon and nutmeg, antioxidants and a fusion of relaxing essentials oils and Vitamin B5. An altogether deliciously textured formula that sinks into the skin immediately, leaving it ultra-smooth and beautifully settled.

Why Testers Loved It...

'I really loved this product for the silky consistency, easy absorption and the lovely smell. It sinks in very easily and is absorbed quickly into the skin. I noted a definite improvement in the feel and appearance. I also used it on my face and found it had a lovely calming effect.’

'My skin looked nourished, fresh and hydrated; I loved the gorgeous floral sophisticated fragrance, which does what it says on the tin – makes you feel calm'

'I totally love the way this balm makes my skin feel immediately silky soft. The balm also has a cooling effect, with a lovely, fresh fragrance '

'The light lemony fragrance reminded me of a Mediterranean summer evening. I had beautifully soft skin from the first application. I used this on my left arm and an oil on my right – both are good but TEMPLESPA has the edge. The skin on my left arm is softer overall and there is less crepe-ing on my forearm. It was also a beautiful balm on my poor dried-out shins, so no more unsightly scratches where I’ve scratched away at the dry bits (awful I know!) and lovely, soft skin getting ready for the summer.'

PEACE BE STILL 150 ml / 5 fl.oz.
Calming Skin Balm

Leave your skin in peace!


Best Anti-Ageing Body Cream

Body Truffle - Gold Award

Body Truffle is a sumptuous body crème that’s hydrating, nourishing, skin perfecting and beautifying giving you soft-touch, radiant skin! The luscious formula combines advanced science and luxurious ingredients including black truffles, hyaluronic acid, cocoa butter, shea butter, champagne, kombuchka, cashmere and silk and gold actives which condition skin, even out skin tone and improve imperfections.  The special illuminating effects of rose quartz helps to give your skin an instant soft focus glow. With regular use it will rejuvenate the look and feel of your skin.

Testers awarded Body Truffle a stellar 9.17/10 and here’s why they loved it...

'I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS! An absolutely fabulous 10/10, without a doubt my favourite body produce ever. My skin felt amazing and I loved the experience. Having had a baby two months ago I was in desperate need of some TLC and it came in heaps with this beautiful pot of magic!'

'The most decadent cream to use – such a pleasure to trial this. The smooth whipped cream texture just glides on to the skin and is absorbed very quickly. It left a shimmering finish and such soft skin right away. After three days I noticed a huge improvement in my dry skin, especially on my very dry arms and legs. I was dubious it would make such a big difference but really happy when it proved me wrong and transformed my dry skin'

'My legs were so dry, they often became quite flaky and sore – but the continued use of the cream really helped to heal and soften the skin.  I also noticed an improvement in the small bumps on my upper arms. A hero product for my skin and while a little on the pricy side it really does deliver'

'After three days of application, my skin was smooth and plumped, rejuvenated and radiant - as if I had been to a spa and indulged in moisturising body massages'

BODY TRUFFLE 150 ml / 5.0 fl.oz.
Luxury Body Moisturiser

A celebration for the body!