With the festive season upon us and parties and celebrations galore you may be amping up your bodycare regime in preparation. We’re beyond delighted that many of our bodycare products won awards in this year’s Beauty Bible Awards so in celebration we’ve been sharing these great products with you, which are perfect if you are looking to add a few more products to your winter regime. In case you missed it, you can find part one here and below is a round up of the rest of the winners in the bodycare category and why they were so loved:

Best Cellulite Treatment

Go Figure - Silver Award

Go Figure is an anti-cellulite and  slimming gel or as we like to call it ‘magic knickers in a tube!’. It contains skin-firming Iso-slim complex, plus pink grapefruit, menthol, green tea, guarana, ginseng and ginger in a cool lush gel-texture to revitalise, tone, tighten and smooth the look and feel of the skin.

Why Testers Loved It...

"The thigh I tested this on is much smoother and, after six weeks, I feel the cellulite is improved, compared with the untreated leg.  Coming out of the shower I can see a real and noticeable difference.  There is a small improvement in the measurements but a big improvement visually: much firmer and less wobble on the treated leg, the skin looks younger.  I do think it lives up the claims of reducing cellulite, firming and toning. It’s quick to dry."

"At the end of the six-week test, the orange peel look is slightly less obvious, skin texture smoother and skin appears thicker.  There is an improvement in tone and it feels slightly firmer too.  There was a noticeable difference in thigh circumference – 1.5 cm – which was surprising.  Overall a good product that does what it claims.  The improvement is not dramatic but nevertheless noticeable and measurable.  And generally speaking I didn't believe in cellulite creams…."

“After six weeks, skin did feel smooth and soft, and there was a change in texture so on appearance alone it looked much better"

Best Neck Treatment

Exalt - Gold Award

Exalt is a luscious neck & décolletage gel designed to tackle the test of time. It powerfully performs to help tone and firm the look and feel of the neck and bust area, bringing back the youthfulness you desire. The playful bouncy formula includes Mediterranean red pepper, grapeseed, olive & oats, Vitamin A, E and C, the plant-based Cellactive®-Form complex which contains mangosteen, vitamin-packed quince and white lupin proteins that help to support and firm the skin.

Why Testers Loved It...

"Wow - I loved this and I can truly say that it’s one of the very first beauty products that does exactly what it says on the tin. After two weeks I noticed a real difference in crêpiness. Long-term, there was a slightly tightening of the skin on my neck, and it did look younger and smoother. It promised to help reduce the appearance of ageing on neck and décolleté and I believe this product lived up to its promise. I would most definitely buy it"

"I noticed an improvement straight away, which is confirmed by the photo I took before and after. After two weeks, there was a bit improvement in fine lines, crêpiness and dryness. By the end of the trial, my neck has fewer lines and looks a lot younger. You only need a tiny amount so it will last ages – it’s on my Christmas list"

"Interesting mixture between a gel and cream, not too runny or sticky.  Love the fragrance, delicate and lovely.  The morning after I first used it, my neck was less crêpe-y and the effect lasted for hours.  After two weeks, I absolutely saw a difference in fine lines, dryness and crêpiness – my neck just looks younger and smoother. Best neck product I've used in terms of pleasure of using and results"

"I had kinda given up thinking that I could make any real difference to my neck and décolleté. This is the first product that I have used on this area that has made a visible difference. My skin looks firmer and would love to have this as my regular neck treatment product. It has given me faith that is it never too late and that I am not too old to see an improvement"

"This has convinced me to use a neck cream long term, as I liked the smoothness it has helped with and it is so easily absorbed. My skin was softer and slightly less crêpe-y!  No deep difference but a lovely product and I would definitely recommend."

EXALT 50 ml / 1.6 fl.oz.
Neck Firming Cream

A nip & tuck in a jar!


Best Foot Treatment

Sole Balm - Gold Award

Sole Balm is luxurious skincare for the feet. With a powerful blend of 22 Mediterranean essential oils that help to alleviate tension and tiredness, and a plethora of botanicals and essential oils including cocoa butter, honey, papaya, olive, soy and avocado which deeply moisturise. Clever exfoliating enzymes gently nibble away dead skin cells, so those rough bits get softer and softer whilst peppermint oil & menthol gently soothe and cool. A spa pedicure indeed!

We were delighted that Sole Balm got an amazingly high score of 9/10, with many testers awarding it a 10. Here’s why testers loved it...

"This rich cream smelt amazing!  It felt lovely and cool when I applied it to my tired feet, after long days at work, shopping and long walks. The effect of massaging it into my feet, particularly the balls of my feet and arches, did release some muscle tension and left my feet feeling cool, refreshed and soft. I would certainly buy"

"My feet felt zingy and refreshed, nourished and smooth, definitely calmed and soothed. I have used TEMPLESPA products before and have never been disappointed; thank you for the opportunity to trial this product. I will buy again"

"One of the best products I have tried. I really like this. My feet are in much better shape now than when I started using it. They feel much softer and the skin has lost its dryness. The lovely rich creamy product sinks in well.  My feet feel much happier and smoother"

"I loved this product, so much so that I have already finished the pot and bought another one! It really soothed my feet. They were so refreshed they feel brand new! It promises to deeply nourish and treat cracked heels and dry skin. It did all of this – 10/10"

"A great product. I used this after 11-hour shifts, mostly on my feet. It was very good at refreshing and brilliant at soothing soreness around my feet and ankles. It left skin clean and fresh I found it worked best at soothing tired feet and ankles, even better than keeping skin soft"

"As you can tell from my 10/10 mark, I simply love this foot balm. It is extremely effective and smells lovely, what more could I ask for? It calms achy feet and instantly feels like you are caring for them and cosseting them. The peppermint oil makes it refreshing and cooling as well as caring and softening. With continued use, really helps to get rid of hard dry skin, even on heels."

SOLE BALM 100 ml / 3.3 fl.oz.
Luxury Foot Cream for Cracked Heels

Jump in with both feet!


Best Uplifting Bath Treat

In Good Spirits - Silver Award

Whether you use it as a bath oil or body oil, this luxurious treatment oil will help boost your energy levels and leave you feeling… In Good Spirits! It’s a refreshing, invigorating blend of over 30 Mediterranean essential oils, including lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, bergamot, ginger and peppermint and Vitamin E, that work together to hydrate and moisturise for softer, supple skin all while elevating your mood. You’ll feel restored in no time. Perfect when you need a real pep-up.

Why Testers Loved It...

"The uplifting fragrance filled the bathroom with a lovely aroma. After the bath, I did feel uplifted and my energy levels were improved. My skin was soft and didn't need any extra moisturising. I used it each morning and it was like a spa experience. I will repurchase"

"I’m addicted to this bathing oil now and can’t live without it. I would buy it again without hesitation. It promised to raise energy levels and hydrate skin and it delivered. The gorgeous smell is very refreshing and invigorating and the oil packed with natural extracts makes your skin soft and hydrated even after first use. It's a keeper"

"I loved this. It has a strong herbal aroma but doesn’t smell masculine. My skin came up smelling beautifully for several hour; the whole body smells beautiful and refreshed, and skin feels gorgeous, soft and hydrated so you do not need to use any body lotion"

"Love this smell! Citrusy and gently woody (the bergamot). As it is an energising product, I chose to bathe in the morning in the hope that I would feel revitalised for the day ahead. It didn't disappoint!"

"I was a bit frazzled beforehand but definitely felt uplifted afterwards and more ready to face the day! Definitely makes you feel energised when you have a morning bath. The scent is very uplifting and makes you feel restored. I also used this as massage oil on my tummy and thighs where I have lots of silvery stretch marks, and it does seem to have lightened them a bit. Really luxurious to use, and a little goes a long way, both when used as a bath oil and as a massage oil. Love this product, and want to try others from the range"

"This has a wonderful fragrance, which I'm totally addicted to. I can't stop smelling my skin afterwards! I love it! On using this oil my mood really improves. It makes me feel happy. And I can't stop smelling my skin, which continues my good mood. It's a happy oil!"

"This is one of my most favourite beauty treats ever! It says it's the ultimate pick-me-up and it is! You can use it in the bath for its energising and moisturising benefits, or use it after showering as a body oil. What's nice is that, even though it's an oil, it's light, easy to apply to the skin and really moisturising! It smells amazing – so nice that I can't stop smelling my skin afterwards! The smell makes me feel so happy; in fact, this product makes me feel the happiest any beauty product has ever made me feel. I love it – and I very highly recommend it!"

IN GOOD SPIRITS 100 ml / 3.3 fl.oz.
Energising Bath & Body Massage Oil

The ultimate pick me up!

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