Last time we looked at the first round of our award-winning products in the skincare category of the Beauty Bible awards (you can find it here if you missed it) and today we are looking at the rest of winners within skincare.

We are so delighted that 14 of our products have won awards in the Beauty Bible awards which tests products on real women, just like you’d use a product in real life. We’d love to hear which of our skincare products are your favourites and why you love them!

Best Anti-Ageing Face Mask

Quench - Bronze Award

Quench is a rejuvenating mask that brings dry or dull skin back to life. No surprises - this luxurious, rejuvenating mask is like a drink for the skin, literally saturating it with goodness. Quench has a rich texture and nutritious formula packed with Vitamin A, C and E as well as Mediterranean ingredients of avocado, blackberry, red pepper, grapeseed, horse chestnut and olive, plus Phirmaderm™ complex and echinacea. Plump, soft & radiant!

Why Testers Loved It...

‘Loved it, loved it, loved it! My skin appeared to literally "drink" in this product – so yes I noticed an almost immediate effect of smooth, moisturised skin. I left it overnight for maximum effect and my skin tone seemed to have improved, but with no tautness whatsoever.  My make up went on smoothly after. The product promised to drench and quench and it did exactly that.  On my shopping list, for sure'

'I suffer from dehydration caused by central heating and air conditioning but this left skin feeling more comfortable. I certainly noticed improvement in texture: the tone seemed improved and smoother'

'My face feels soft – my 10-year-old granddaughter says it feels like hers (oh, I wish!). I love leaving the cream on overnight, then rinsing with water and a spritz of toner. My skin feels fab and looks smoother and brighter. This product never fails to work, its one of the best things I have used on my skin – I will buy it again'

'My skin was soft, smooth and rehydrated after use, with a lovely healthy glow.  It promised to be like a drink for the skin and it is! Everything about it is lovely.  It left me feeling more alive and like it had really done some good'

'Gave my skin an instant boost, leaving it plump, soft and radiant. My face definitely felt hydrated and I didn't feel the need for moisturiser.'

QUENCH 65 ml / 2.1 fl.oz.
Anti-Ageing & Rejuvenating Mask for Dry Skin

Drench & quench to life!


Best Sheet Mask

The Contourist Mask - Gold Award

The magic of this mask is in the state-of-the-art diamond-weave technology that hugs the face tight whilst infusing the skin with an advanced, miracle working, skin perfecting serum which is infused with Vitamin C, pomegranate, red clover, liquorice and peptides. It leaves skin visibly lifted, feels firmer and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. That chiseled look of youth isn’t so far away after all!

Testers awarded The Contourist 9.07/10 and here’s why they loved it...

‘This is an impregnated stretchy gauze facemask that you actually stretch over your ears [and hook over your chin]! I was tempted to just give it back unopened because I feel so trapped in facemasks. I take it all back, though, because I am really delighted with this product and if I was going out somewhere special I would build time into my preparations to use one of these masks. My skin felt marvellous, as if I'd been to a top facialist. It was much brighter and glowing, dewy even and much smoother. I was surprised at the instant effect'

'It promised to brighten, invigorate, iron out fine lines and work miracles. It pretty much did all of that - maybe not quite a miracle but...'

'This was a fun trial, as I adore face masks. After using for the first time my skin looked very bright, smooth and even – super-hydrated, soft and glow-y. It was a perfect base for make up'

'I loved this mask... I really noticed the benefits afterwards. My skin is very dry and this was very moisturising – a real treat'

'...It was pretty straightforward to use. I fell asleep when I lay down with it on – the result was great! My fairly dry skin felt hydrated and dewy; the under eye area was less puffy and my pores around nose and chin were noticeably smaller'

'I’ll definitely use these when I want to perk myself up. So much nicer than the pastes that set like plaster and are messy to remove. You can go straight out after using this.'

Best Pressed Powder Foundation

Velvelutto Face Base - Bronze Award

Velvelutto is a beautifully crafted powder-cream, skin enhancing foundation face base that gives an immediate velvety-smooth finish in just one easy application. Created with 3D technology, it gives a soft focus finish and works its artistry by brilliantly shade adjusting to the pH of your skin. With ingredients including pomegranate fruit extract to brighten, raspberry seed oil to retain moisture and salicylic acid to reduce redness and help heal blemishes, it will leave you looking naturally radiant.

Why Testers Loved It...

'If I had to pick my favourite product it would be this. I didn’t have any expectations, but I couldn’t believe the quality and effectiveness. The packaging was beautiful and the product itself goes on so easily, leaves no excess, gives beautiful coverage and leaves my face looking amazing. It covers and blends and leaves a velvety covering on your skin'

'Love it. Leaves face looking naturally flawless. Covered blemishes with ease and skin also felt velvet-smooth as the product name implies.  It covered shine brilliantly. I found this to be far superior to my usual high-end facial powder'

'I really liked it. My skin looked natural, smooth and velvety. The shade was perfect for me; it came with a sponge so I used it to correct my make-up during the day, though in the morning I used my own brush.”

'I liked the fabulous packaging – a small silver box, velvet pouch and silver compact with mirror. It looked very natural and my skin appeared smooth and flawless'

'This gave beautiful coverage, blending perfectly with my skin tone. It lasted a long time – I only reapplied in the evening or after raining.'