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Liz - Our Founder Talks

  • Liz’s Diary November 2022: Spread Your Wings And Fly

    Welcome to the beautiful crisp month of November. The clocks have changed, the nights have drawn in and we adjust our minds and bodies to all things warm and cosy to embrace the delicious season of autumn-fest. T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops are replaced with wooly jumpers, leggings and boots and the sharp air gives you energy and focus, I just love it.

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  • Liz’s Diary October 2022: Make a difference

    Welcome to October, or the season of Autumnfest as I like to call it! It’s when the nights are drawing darker earlier, the crisp leaves can be heard underfoot and the winter woolies are starting to make their appearance again. If you’ve been an avid reader of my diary for some time, you’ll know I love to dress my house in all things autumnal when the seasons change.

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  • Liz’s Diary September 2022: Time for a new season!

    I don’t know about you, but for me there’s something about September that reminds me of starting afresh; I think it goes back to those school days with new Clarks shoes, sharpened pencils and feeling well rested after the long summer holidays.

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  • Liz’s Diary August 2022: Step into Awesome August!

    Welcome to Awesome August! This is the month of the great outdoors. I don’t know about you, but I don’t waste any opportunity from sunrise to sunset to do life outside. This means the day gets longer for me because I don’t want to miss any opportunity to grab the light.

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  • Liz’s Diary July 2022: Let’s go alfresco

    So, July is the month we all go alfresco! Unless it’s bucketing down you won’t find me inside the house during my free time, it’s outside all the way. Whether you’re going away this month or staying at home, and unless you’re reading this in the Southern Hemisphere (and “Hi down there” if you are!) if you’re anything like our household, you’ll be lapping up sunshine, soaking up the Vitamin D, slapping on the SPF, stoking the BBQ, sticking the picnic chairs in the boot and taking off for evening drives to a sunset spot to enjoy your supper.

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