Meeting the Moment

A series of Mini Meditations


When I began my yoga journey some 30 years ago, my amazing teacher at the time taught me how to honour and nurture my powerful feminine side, and the importance of pressing pause whenever I struggled with PMT. And I am forever grateful for her wisdom!

Now at 52, I’m in the throes of the menopause, and with a lot more knowledge and yogic wisdom (which is wholly supported by advanced NeuroScientific research), I’m here to encourage you to positively embrace this natural, biological stage of life, with the same steadfast spirit. 

Because the menopause doesn’t have to signal an end to our youth or vitality! It can also be a huge blessing!

Throughout this series of short seated yoga and mindfulness videos, I will show you how to synchronise your breath, with movement and specific mindful techniques that will evoke the senses, and help you reset and regulate the endocrine (hormonal) system. 

So wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, find a quiet space at home or at work and lean in to ‘meet the mood of your menopausal symptoms in any given moment’ and relinquish the stressors that can attribute to mid-life discomfort.  

Help Banish Hot Flushes

Hot flushes are caused by significant drop in oestrogen. When our body heat rises we can find solace by practising any type of cooling breath and flexing our spine and circulatory system. Seated cat and cow with cooling breath will help to eradicate hot flushes.  Before you start, give the soles of your feet a pamper with cooling gel AAAHHH!  Spine is tall, shoulders relaxed.

Help Alleviate Menopause Induced Anxiety

The latest neuroscientific research sights that anxiety comes from a perceived imbalance in the left brain / right brian.  Changes in serotonin and dopamine hormones caused by lower levels estrogen are also the reason we affect anxiety during the menopause.  Regular yoga practise can redress the balance.  Rolling the eyes upwards also has deeply physiological and psychological effect that links to keeping our stress at bay.  Whenever you feel overwhelmed in a moment, try these easy body and mind exercises, synchronising them with a calming breath.  We will stimulate the vagus nerve to activate our parasympathetic nervous system which promotes an instant calm.  We also activate the pineal gland that’s just behind the 3rd eye chakra, this is responsible for production of melatonin that’s found to improve sleep and to help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.   

Help Alleviate Brain Fog

This occurs when the neuro pathways slow down or fail to make a strong connection due to lower levels of estrogen.  Alternate nostril breathing followed by a brain balance seated yoga practise can help alleviate these symptoms.

Help Fight Insomnia

This is caused  by a change in serotonin and dopamine.  But a focussed seating candle gazing meditation in a cool relaxing environment can help adrift away in to a deep sleep.  When the day is done and you’re ready for bed, lather yourself in DUVET and completed your REPOSE ritual, press play on THE REPOSE SUITE (found on Spotify), turn off all the lights and light SIESTA FOREVER