It’s no secret at TEMPLESPA that we love gift giving (check out our Best Christmas Gifts and Hamper Ideas blog post!) and at head office we send each other secret santa gifts. Once the names are drawn there’s a quick scrabble of ‘what can I get her?’ ‘Do you know what Steve in customer services likes?’ and so on. To cut your panic buying of secret santa gifts this year we’ve created the ultimate gift giving list to tackle any secret santa dilemma. So let’s get into the best secret santa gifts.

Gifts For Home

So your secret santa is someone who loves interiors, enjoys furnishing their home with beautiful accessories and spends their weekends browsing Pinterest boards for inspiration. Candles and diffusers make brilliant secret santa ideas, they can be enjoyed all year round and, choose wisely, they can make gorgeous focal points in any room.

Discover our CELEBRATE LIFE and JOYOUS LIFE Festive Aromatic Candle and Diffuser, a beautiful fresh, citrus scent that pulls on the best scents from the Mediterranean. This year’s fragrance blends bergamot with delicate jasmine and pine needles and cedarwood which are known for their festive ties.

You’ll find links to all our award winners below, so I’ll let you discover for yourself just why they and we are getting all the attention.

The Best Food Gifts

If your secret santa knows their canapes to their hor d’oeuvres, they’re a true foodie. Our very own Liz Warom, co-founder and managing director of TEMPLESPA, is known for her delicious homemade food and shelves upon shelves of cooking books and recipes, a true foodie for secret santa!

A great secret santa gift for any food lover are personalised utensils, adding fun, thoughtful and useful touches to your gifts. There are brilliant selections of spices, salts and seasonings that open a whole wardrobe of flavours and tastes your secret santa can take into the new year. Re-usable shopping bags are another great secret santa idea for any food lover!

Beauty Gifts For Her

Always with freshly painted nails, glowing skin and a makeup bag to rival any beauty counter, your secret santa is a true beauty fan. Beauty gift sets are far and wide during the Christmas season and they’re a great way to introduce new brands and must-have products that would otherwise be undiscovered.

We take our beauty gifts seriously at TEMPLESPA and some of our favourite secret santa gifts are perfect for any skincare fanatic, makeup fan or general beauty lover. Take our BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL Glam Highlighter, housed in a festive bauble, it’s a soft focus metallic highlighter that you can apply directly to highlighting points or mix with your foundation, moisturiser or body lotion to enhance your glow. If they’re a nail art fan then POLISHED TO PERFECTION Ready-To-Party Nail Treats will be right up their street! The gorgeous bauble contains Cassis, a deep blackcurrant shade and Palermo, a shimmery champagne gold to add a sparkle to any outfit. The best part too? They’re already dressed for Christmas so no wrapping and make great tree decorations.

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

You know your secret santa loves a kitchen giggle, always has a joke to hand or whenever you hear laughing, you know it’s coming from them! The best funny secret santa gifts don’t have to cost the earth, under £10 is a great price point to find something to make them chuckle and be useful in the future.

Funny patterned socks, novelty notebook and pen for their desk at work or chocolates shaped like brussels sprouts to make them do a double-take. Small and quirky gift shops are brilliant for funny secret santa gifts, choosing the gift can be just as fun as giving it!

We hope you’ve found our best secret santa gift guide useful and inspiring and wish you happy shopping times ahead!