Sleep Aid Kit

5 calming & relaxing top-to-toe sleep treats

Pay every 2 weeks in interest-free instalments. 18+ terms apply

Pay every month in interest-free instalments. 18+ terms apply

"Can’t sleep? Feeling restless? Need to unwind? This wonderful kit of relaxation will help rid you of tension and stress, restoring your equilibrium for a peaceful night’s rest.


AAAHHH!!! | instant cooling balm | 15 ml / 0.5 fl.oz.
For when your legs feel heavy and restless or you need a cooling effect to alleviate muscle fatigue and tiredness, reach for AAAHHH!!!, our refreshing balm with a cooling effect. Rich in Meditteranean botanicals that can help cool you down and packed full of minerals to ease overworked muscles including magnesium, iron and zinc.

DRIFT AWAY | relaxing bathing & massage oil | 30 ml / 1 fl.oz.
Laden with relaxing essential oils, with a lush base of sesame, jojoba and avocado oils. Pour under running water and mix in, the water will turn beautifully milky. For a soothing massage, pour into the palm of your hands and use firm, upwards strokes to massage in.

QUIETUDE | chill out & sleep well mist | 30 ml / 1 fl.oz.
Say goodbye to stress and tension with this calming mist to help you reset your mind. Spritz onto your towels, pillow and in the air around you to release the wonderfully relaxing blend of Mediterranean botanicals. Cedarwood, cypress, lavender, clove and vetiver cocoon your space to deliver a calming aura and help you reset. 

REPOSE | relaxing night cream | 15 ml / 0.5 fl.oz.
We call this our 'good nights sleep in a jar'. Enriched with a blend of dozens of relaxing aromatherapy oils, this deliciously scented and calming night cream is the perfect final step before drifting off into a deep slumber. You can also use it on our pulse points to help relieve anxiety, or on those duvet days when you want to feel totally at peace.

IN THE STILLNESS | luxury eye duvet
A luxury velvet duvet for the eyes. Shaped ergonomically for maximum comfort, it blocks out light, leaving the eye area relaxed for a peaceful, undisturbed sleep."

  • Calming atmosphere
  • Relaxing, wind down
  • Restful sleep & sweet dreams

If you’re having trouble sleeping or need to unwind and relax, here’s how to achieve some calm with a silent night ritual:

Drizzle DRIFT AWAY bath and massage oil into a bath and let the essential oils relax the mind and body.

After your bath apply REPOSE aromatherapy resting cream, breathing in the calming scent.

Massage AAAHHH! foot and limb balm into feet and lower legs to cool and soothe away aches.

Wash your hands.

Spritz QUIETUDE calming mist around your pillows before climbing into bed.

Pop on IN THE STILLNESS eye duvet.

Sweet dreams!