"We will all have struggles with mental health at some point in our lives.. On occasions this may just be a light touch that we can shake off & other times we may need to seek a little bit of support.. Either way it still affects us & it's OK, it's natural... How we find strategies to build resillience is the key & having the options to talk it out...

I have raised money for wonderful charities over the years but never for one that personally resonated with me.. Last year I turned 40 & set myself a challenge to run a marathon & I wanted to do this for a local children's mental health charity.

Running helps me to rationalise my thoughts, clears my head, gives me a sense of freedom, releases those endorphins & makes me feel good at the end of a good run which in turn gives me the boost I need.. So I thought why not give myself a challenge & an opportunity to help & give something to support a fantastic resource where I live. I fulfilled this challenge on May 26th 2021, such a wonderful feeling!

In light of recent events, for my friends & family members who have & are struggling I have had battles with my mental health over the last 20 years & these magnified during 2020. The difficulty with depression is sometimes we don't know why we feel how we feel. There are always triggers but quite often these may never relate to that particular moment or thought..

I was introduced to Temple Spa by a friend & I reached out to sign up as I needed something else to support how I was feeling .. One of the reasons I began my journey with Temple Spa was for my own personal growth and wellbeing.. And to give something to lift others for their own self care too. I feel I'm achieving this which gives me a boost knowing that others are giving themselves some 'me time' too. I also love their ethos alongside the amazing support and fundraising they do for MIND & other charities.

If you take anything from this post be compassionate, be considerate, be generous & be kind ❤️..All of this costs nothing! It's not an embarrassment or a failure to not be OK.. It's actually OK! We just have to find our right path which may be a bit wobbly at first, but you will find your way with the right support. "