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Our Best Anti-Ageing Face Serum with Retinol


Our Best Anti-Ageing Face Serum with Retinol

Super luxe serum


RESULTS: reduces & softens the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles | brings radiance to dull looking skin | hydrates | firms & lifts | targets visible ageing around the eyes, forehead & brow | targets vertical lines around the mouth


A targeted, high-performance serum that provides immediate, short, and long-term results.


said that the serum has a silk soft texture and melts easily into the skin


said the serum makes their skin feel smoother


said that the serum deeply hydrated their skin and gave them a radiant glow


say the serum helps reduce & soften the apperance of fine line & wrinkles

* based on a panel size of 59

30 ml
100% of 100
- +

TRUFFLELIXIR is a high performance super-serum that has been crafted by Swiss derma-scientists using unique patented technology, powerful botanicals and highly refined ingredients. This ingenious formula provides immediate, short and long-term results, a very big task for a serum.

A potent elixir, it’s the quintessence of intelligent ingredients that target all signs of visible ageing around eyes, mouth and every tell-tale part of the face. Like gorgeous silk lingerie, Trufflelixir is a super-luxe serum that’s worn underneath moisturiser, treating the skin at a cellular and epidermal level to smooth, firm, lift, and deeply hydrate.

The ultra-gossamer texture melts into the skin delivering an invisible veil of elite transforming properties. Truffle ingredients of gold, silk peptides, champagne extract and black summer truffles have been joined by encapsulated retinol, sodium hyaluronate, marine extracts, black diamonds and rare black orchids. In essence, it has been designed to support the skin at every level, giving lustre and luminosity, as well as plumping the skin, addressing the fine lines as well as all those tell-tale signs of a well lived life. Bottled radiance indeed.

  • Anyone concerned with the tell-tale signs of ageing
  • Skin lacking in lustre and luminosity
  • Anyone wanting to target visible ageing around the eyes, forehead, brow, lip chest and face
  • Those wanting a radiant, dewy complexion
  • Those seeking a lift and plump to their skin

Q:Is it suitable for pregnant women?
A: Trufflelixir contains Retinol (at 0.03%). They are reported risks during pregnancy relating to retinol which primality stems from oral doses. Our formula has been passed by an independent toxicologist and passed as safe to use for all. However if a customer is pregnant then we would advise she consults with her Dr. and if in any doubt avoid the use of this serum until after the baby arrives.

As a daily serum, am & pm

Pump 1-2 times into the hand and apply all over the face & neck, focusing on laughter lines and areas of concern, repeat application as required, use daily for 28 days to ensure maximum benefit to the skin.

As a targeted treatment

You can apply Trufflelixir in a few different ways targeting specific areas individually or at certain times : am and or pm.

  • Forehead to treat frown lines
  • Wrinkles & laughter lines on the upper cheek bone but not too close to the eye
  • Vertical lines around the mouth to nose
  • On the throat & neck area
  • On the chest/ décolletage
  • All over the face and neck for full treatment
  • Dispenses through a measured pump; one pump is enough for the targeted areas and two for the whole face and neck

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Customer Reviews

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  1. Wonderful
    I have always taken diligent care of my skin, previously using products from Guerlain, Anesi and Babor.
    My daughter introduced me to Temple Spa products and I have now been using Trufflelixir Face Serum for some nine months.
    It is an amazing product which has worked wonders on my skin which now feels and looks better than ever.
    It is a product I confidently and unreservedly recommend.

    Review by Christine Wyatt

    Posted on

  2. Botox in a Bottle
    This product is simply gorgeous! My very favourite product (if it’s even possible to have a fav Temple Spa product(?), they are all so gorgeous!) I simply love how my lines are reduced and it then gives me a perfect foundation upon which to add make up! I would say it takes a good 5 years off me!! And at 45, I’m delighted with the results! I would highly recommend!!

    Review by Jodi

    Posted on

  3. So worth the extra!
    This has been like nectar to my face. Never thought a face product could be this good

    Review by Jan

    Posted on

  4. Face serum
    Absolutely amazing stuff this is the wow face serum

    Review by PC

    Posted on

  5. Exceptional results!!
    I started using this product just at night time to enhance my skincare routine. I cannot believe the difference it has made in my skin in only a matter of weeks. The texture of my skin is smoother than it’s been in years, fine lines are reducing and even a couple of blemish scars have disappeared completely after years of bothering me. My skin looks so much fresher and smoother. I have also exchanged a foundation for a tinted moisturiser due to the amazing affects of this product on my skin! It really is a genius product! I can not recommend it more highly!

    Review by Sam

    Posted on

  6. Love it!
    Amazing new product, silky smooth on your skin and just melts in. Even the smell is nice!

    Review by Clare

    Posted on

  7. I find it silky, glow-getting and a pleasure to use
    A really skin-brightening treatment which cements Truffle’s age-defying reputation. The missing link for Truffle-lovers, and a great new weapon in Temple Spa’s anti-ageing arsenal. I find it silky, glow-getting and a pleasure to use

    Review by Jo Fairley from the Beauty Bible

    Posted on

  8. A M A Z I N G!
    Trufflelixir is in a league of it’s own!
    From the sleek, glossy packaging to the smell & texture of the serum itself, everything about it oozes luxury & high performance. It sinks beautifully into the skin & after just 3 days I could see a noticeable difference in the overall radiance of my complexion. 3 weeks of daily use & even the deepest lines on my forehead have visibly softened & the finer ones around my mouth have completely disappeared! I’m addicted & im never giving it up...
    HIGHLY recommended!

    Review by Pixxynixxy

    Posted on

8 Item(s)

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