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  • TEMPLESPA Wellness Products To Use In 2023

    As we’re coming to a close on another year and looking forward to 2023 you may be thinking of what goals you have and how you could challenge or improve areas of your life in the new year. We’ll be talking about wellness products, mindfulness exercises and the best TEMPLESPA wellness gifts to try for yourself and take into 2023 with you.

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  • How to relax and sleep better

    We’ve all been there at least once in our lives, staring at the clock saying 2:30am and sleep feeling very far away from you. There could be a myriad of reasons as to why sleep is escaping you and sometimes noting down a few could be the solution to counting sheep in the early hours. But if you’re looking for a guide to sleeping well, the best sleep aid and simply how to get a good night’s sleep, then you’ve come to the right place.

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  • Top 5 wellness products you need

    In a world where wellness and wellbeing are two buzzwords that have become part of our everyday vocabulary, it’s hard to know where to start and which are the best wellness products to help boost your overall wellbeing. Worry no more because we have collated your starter pack for feeling relaxed and at one with your wellbeing.

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  • How to destress

    We’ve all been there when things have been piling up in your day, it might be work stress and a looming project coming your way, planning a big family milestone or simply a to-do list as long as your arm causing you to feel extra pressured. We’re here to help with a few stress relief ideas and how to relieve stress right when you need it most.

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  • How To Improve Your Sleep

    There’s no doubt that this time of year is always busy and chaotic and sometimes we can let our overall self-care and wellness slip a little. How many times have you laid awake thinking “I can’t sleep” and wondering how many more sheep you need to count before heading into a deep slumber?

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