We have the new term in our world of premium skincare and that’s blue light and it is everywhere. In daylight, but also emitted by fluorescent lighting and LED devices that our lifestyle today dictates we can’t live without. Our smartphones, computer screens and TV’s all of which we are increasingly spending too much time staring at. 

Millennials are reported to check their phones 157 times a day in the UK and this rate is rising – as this exposure builds up over time it can affect the health of our skin and this is why our labs took a look at what can be done to combat the effects of blue light damage.


The largest source of blue light in our day comes from the sun however digital devises also play their part and emit, albeit only a fraction in comparison to the sun. But because we keep devises near to our faces and stare straight at them for so long the effects are magnified.

Research has shown that blue light also known as HEV (high-energy visible light) can over time cause discolouration and uneven pigmentation, inflammation, compromise of the surface of the skin and affect how healthy skin cells behave. We know the exposure from sun does exactly this too and so protecting from both is your insurance policy for healthy looking, youthful skin. 

The effects of blue light can be counteracted with a blue light filter ingredient in facial skincare. Combined with a Broad-Spectrum SPF and free radical scavenging ingredients that mop up free radicals around us all the time and your skin with be in safe hands.

Technological advances in research and clinical trials have proved that extracts from the Ginseng Root protect the skin against blue light damage so that’s why we added it to our Life Defence.

Our new LIFE DEFENCE SFP 30 protecting moisturiser is your skin’s guardian 356 days a year creating a protective barrier against the five biggest environmental skin concerns:

LIFE DEFENCE SPF30 50 ml / 1.6 fl.oz.
High Protection SPF Moisturiser

Your front line skin defender!

  1. UVA/UVB Rays to SPF 30
    Life Defence delivers broad-spectrum protection.
  2. Blue Light (High Energy Visible Light)
    Life Defence protects against these light emitted by all screens which are damaging to skin cells.
  3. Free Radicals
    Life Defence protects against free radicals which are skin cell damaging and age spot creating.
  4. City Pollution and smoky environments
    Life Defence protects against pollution which is skin damaging and skin condition affecting.
  5. Air Conditioning
    Life Defence protects against the drying effects of air con and overheating.

A feather-light moisturiser carefully formulated to protect your skin against all the elements modern lifestyles can throw at it, safeguarding it, protecting it and delivering significant skin benefits each and every day. 

Multi-functional, it can be used alone, or on top of your usual TEMPLESPA moisturiser and it can also be used underneath make-up as a skin primer with SPF, as part of your daily skin regime. A great all-rounder, all year round.

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