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Give Your Skin A Double Detox

3rd August 2018

Host Your Own Free Double Detox Class with SPA TO GO

What is a SPATOGO Double Detox class and why would you have one? Well the simple answer is this…

You know when you have over indulged in every possible way during the summer, with BBQs, festivals, late nights and summer holidays, our fun and body friendly class will help you detox, remove unwanted cellulite, stress and strain and feed your skin with all it has been crying out for, preparing it for the summer months ahead. One of our expert Temple Spa Consultants would come to your home, and give you and your friends a free Double Detox class! The class is inspired by our spa professional detox treatment called Work It Out.

The class shows you how you can replicate many of the techniques at home whilst enjoying a soothing and calming facial. So, you can invite your friends and family around for a fabulous free Double Detox luxury spa experience all in the comfort of your home!

Step Into Your Home Spa

As you and your guests step into your ‘home spa’ room which our Consultant will set up for you, you’ll be welcomed with the beautiful fragrance of our QUIETUDE calming aromatherapy mist spray and the ambience set with our SIESTA FOREVER soy aromatherapy candle. You and your friends will begin with our signature ‘Feed Your Face’ spa facial where you’ll begin by giving your skin a ‘spring clean’. You’ll probably notice that the sun, dry heat and wind can really show in your skin during the summer and this beautiful facial helps to feed your face with some goodness.

Once you’ve all enjoyed your facial, that’s when the double detox treatment begins, think along the lines of a body boot-camp, or as we like to call it ‘Booty Camp’, but don’t worry it’s much gentler than it sounds!

Detox Your Skin

You begin with body brushing using GIVING IT THE BRUSH OFF detoxing dry body brush, this helps to reduce lumps, bumps and dry patches. It also helps to boost the lymphatic flow and circulation which amazingly also helps to detox your liver! Who knew?!

Now that you have prepared your skin, you’ll be ready for GLORIOUS MUD our deeply hydrating and purifying seaweed mud. In the class you’ll just pop a little onto your arm but used at home you can treat your whole body to this jar of goodness. GLORIOUS MUD detoxing body mud really is a hero product, not only does it have many ingredients that have anti-ageing properties such as seaweed and red algae, but it also has detoxifying ingredients such as Kaolin clay and juniper.

Next you and your friends will have a bit of a ‘system re-boot’ using WORK IT OUT aromatherapy bathing and massage oil. This oil works wonders on knots, tension and tight muscles. In the class it will be applied topically as a body serum but at home it can also be drizzled into a bath, ideal after a tough work out at the gym or run.

The next skincare product is a guy and girl’s best friend because it treats your bum, tum and thighs and we think it’s safe to say most people would love a little extra help in at least one of those areas! GO FIGURE anti-cellulite and slimming gel is a body serum that is designed to penetrate the skin acting as a cellulite buster. It helps to promote the breakdown of fat whilst reinforcing the dermal layer which helps to keep the skin looking and feeling tight.

Final Step and Free Gift

The final step in your ‘booty camp’ is to envelop yourself in DUVET our best every day body moisturiser

With hydrating and firming ingredients it leaves your body smoothed, toned and deliciously fragranced. This sounds like our perfect kind of ‘work out’, don’t you think? If that wasn’t enough just for choosing to host a class, as ‘thank you’, you will also receive one of our beautiful host gifts from your skincare consultant too. If you would like to find out more about hosting your very own Detox class or any of our other classes this summer, then we’d love to hear from you...

Book your free SPATOGO class with your nearest Temple Spa Consultant here.

Existing SPATOGO customers, please contact your Consultant today to arrange your next class!

For more details on SPATOGO and how to become a Temple Spa Consultant visit our SPATOGO page.

Learn the GO FIGURE Anti-Cellulite and Slimming Gel Ritual

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