A healthy, glowing tan has long been on most people’s beauty wishlist, yet the road to silky, sunkissed skin hasn’t always been easy.  Tanning for hours in the sun does more harm than good and scary fake tans, streaks and memories of orange stained fingers and toes still haunt the best of us.  Luckily, there are more intelligent products on the market now along with expert advice and tried and tested knowledge to help us fake that late summer glow and keep it looking at its best.

A subtle tan that looks natural and can be maintained throughout the year is best achieved by using a gradual self-tan product.  Many have hydrating formulations and can last up to 10 days with the right preparation and aftercare.

Critically, the most important thing you can do pre faux glow is to exfoliate and exfoliate again.  Without this vital preparation of the skin, your tan will not last long and will look uneven and patchy.  Self-tan clings to dead skin so will highlight the dry texture and look blotchy, not a good look!

A good exfoliation session will help prep the skin, preventing the tan from lingering on any rough bits.

SUGAR BUFF is the perfect product to get your skin prepped and ready to bare.  This all-over body scrub has the most luscious texture that removes dead skin cells and encourages cell renewal to reveal silky smooth skin.  Enhance the exfoliation benefits by dry brushing your skin first before massaging SUGAR BUFF into wet skin in circular motions, paying attention to any areas of dryness. Work the exfoliator from the legs upwards in the same direction of the blood flow to boost the natural process of carrying new nutrients to the skin cells and taking toxins away.  Be sure to wash the product off thoroughly afterwards.

Next up, lock in moisture and achieve a smooth surface for gradual tan application by using the right moisturiser.  Avoid oils and products that contain citrus ingredients that can leave a residue and strip your colour.  Reach for a light but hydrating lotion that can be worked into the skin without leaving any greasiness.  Pay attention to heels, elbows, knees and any areas that often get missed or are prone to dryness.  PEACE BE STILL is a soothing, lightweight body moisturiser that’s super kind and very gentle on your skin, helping to settle sensitive or irritated skin.  This rapidly absorbed skin balm is non greasy yet deeply moisturises and softens, leaving your skin feeling oh so silky to touch.

Make sure your gradual tanning session takes place in a cool, dry place with good ventilation.  You don’t want to be too hot and sweaty or shut in a steamy bathroom before application.  Humidity, water, and sweat can break down the self-tanner, creating a streaky mess.

Give yourself 5 minutes to let the product sink in and dry before putting on loose clothes (stay away from bras, socks or tight fitting things).  One of the most common mistakes people make is washing off their self-tan too soon, before it's had the chance to properly developed.  Full development can take between 6 and 10 hours, so avoid showering, exercising or getting wet during this critical period.

When washing your tan off, it's best to use a warm temperature water - not too hot or too cold – to help preserve the colour for longer.  If the water is too hot it can dehydrate and dry out the skin.  Moisturise again after this stage.  Pat your skin dry with a soft towel and feel free to use a richer textured product such as DUVET, an advanced silky, featherweight body cream that is designed to wrap the body with hydrating and firming ingredients.  Your skin will feel smooth, toned and smelling divine.

Exfoliate your skin every few days after application with a light exfoliating bodywash, focusing on areas that tend to fade quickest: underarms, neck, and knees. Exfoliation will fade your tan slightly, but this step is essential to preventing colour build-up and removing dead skin cells.  ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE is a beautiful body cleanser with added melting jojoba beads and walnut shell to buff and polish your skin to silky smoothness. Fresh Mediterranean essential oils of grapefruit, bergamot, ginger, lemon tea tree and water mint work together to stimulate the mind, body and soul and keep a nice smoothness and glow to the skin.

Moisturise EVERY day after application to maintain a soft skin texture and prolong the tan colour.  Everyone’s skin cycle is different but most outer skin cells shed every 5 to 10 days so don’t be shy of starting the gradual tanning process again after a couple of weeks.  No self-tan will ever last longer than 10 days.  By looking after your skin, you can get the most out of your tan and ensure it fades evenly and naturally.

One of the best ways to prolong your tan is to keep hydrated. Drink up! Happy hydrated skin won’t shed and will hold onto the gradual tan colour for longer.  You can eek out your beachy glow by using a moisturiser with a light gradual tan formulation to top up if need be or if you are swimming or exercising frequently.